Our Week

Penelope always seems to be thinking her own little thoughts.
Penelope (after prayers): Archie only has two letters! R and G--RG!
We went to a halloween party this week and Penelope shouted, "Hi! Sol!" or "Hi, Adry!" at everyone we saw. Then when we went to the park, she shouted, "Aaron!!" from across the field before chasing him down (in her purple tights she was wearing as a pair of pants... ). That girl knows everyone's names.

Archie (trying to say a special goodnight to me before bed and knowing there's one that has a clever rhyme with crocodile...): Bye... crocodile.

Sometimes it helps to see a word spelled.
Moses: I drive a blue muck stain!
Archie (at naps): Mom, you didn't know, but yesterday I pooped on the rug in the bathroom. 
(Actually I did know. Linus yelled it all over the house and I went in and cleaned it up. I guess Archie didn't get informed of that.)
I'm sorry about that. I won't do that again.
Moses and Herbie really love to throw a football around together. Moses is such a good sport because Herbie is kind of bossy, but he doesn't give up, he just keeps on trying to catch the ball. He misses a lot, but he also makes some great catches once in a while, and he can throw pretty well.

Herbie is good. He comes home almost everyday and tells me how many touchdowns he's made at recess. He takes his football to school, which means he's 1st captain (because he owns the ball) and picks his own team. Herbie likes to win, but he's not a very gracious loser.

Ruby taught the FHE lesson on the talk by Elder Meurs on improving our Sacrament experience. I was happy to see that she did all of the 5 things the talk mentions herself in Sacrament meeting. She's beginning to learn how to liken the scriptures to herself and this evening, all on her own, she prayed and found a scripture solution to a specific problem she's having. If she can make a habit of that... YAY!

Linus was sick one day this week (headache, no fever) and needed to be picked up from school. Woo had the car. He was on a field trip with Herbie, which he left to pick up Linus, but when he got to the car he found he'd lost his keys somewhere in the woods. Luckily, my visiting teacher had a spare truck for me to borrow to pick up a sick Linus (who pulled out a tooth in the office while waiting for me) and got some keys to Woo to drive home. We never found the keys :(.

Woo thinks he has pneumonia and he's probably right. Not every man with pneumonia would climb up on the roof and hang from the ridge, while awkwardly trying to caulk a leak for an hour, but he did. The sad news is---the fix didn't work.

A nice thing that happened to me is I realized how lucky or blessed I am to live in such a beautiful place. I realized this by 1) looking around, and 2) talking to a mom at the park who was desperate to move her, but didn't see anyway that they could. It really is pretty amazing for us to have gotten a house here without knowing anyone in town or paying tons of $$$$$$$$.

Woo and I team taught the Young Men's/Young Women's combined lesson. I was dead tired afterwards. The class was very... spirited. I haven't had such a hard time with a class in years, probably. Thank goodness I had Woo to take up large portions of it.

One of the best (or worst, depending on how you look at it) parts came at the end. When I told them I'd made a commitment two weeks earlier to tell each of my class members I loved them by name, and even though I had lots of extra students today, I still had to do it (keeping commitments even under extenuating circumstances was something we'd talked about earlier in the lesson). Of course, I barely knew some of the young men's names, so I started off by saying, "Some of you may think I don't even know you, and can't love you. And I don't..."

That's not what I meant to say, but control and what I'd really meant to say were pretty much over from there. I did get through the room telling each of them I loved them. Just saying it to my 5-7 Young Women every week is going to be a walk in the park from now on.

Well, that's it. Hope everyone's week was great!