A Plastic Trophy!

Woo's looking for a little more excitement in his life. Or at least a change. He's looked at buying a new car, moving to a foreign country, buying Szechuan Chicken or Tikka Masala Lays, eating ice cream pretty much always and going out to eat.

We did the last one. Wing Wah on a time change week... what were thinking? Actually it wasn't too bad, but didn't scratch Woo's itch (nor did his fancy new phone that came in the mail).

He did get released as Elders Quorum President, so that's some change, at least. And he did win a plastic trophy (and $50) for his Innovation Week innovation at work. Our surveillance cameras now play music!! He put a little bit more effort into his presentation than normal, and I'm sure he was highly entertaining. One source claimed they saw someone choking, they were laughing so hard.

I did something I never thought I would ever do in my entire life. I went to a PTO meeting. I ended up getting more involved than I wanted and kind of wish I didn't have an assignment hanging over my head now, but I do. Shoot.

Here's Penelope with half her face numb after her trip to the dentist.

And Penelope and Archie playing around in Costco's food court while we get new tires. (Winter is coming!!)

And the kids did so well with their cardboard and paper fussball table, we let them buy a real(ish) one. Boy, do they love it!

Oh, Google Express offered a promotion with free delivery, so Woo signed us right up and bought a bunch of stuff from Costco. We didn't realize it'd be coming via UPS. Seems like kind of a waste, but we now know where to get a ton a boxes, if ever we need them (filled with a bunch more stuff...).

I had put zero thought and energy into the kids' parts for their Primary program today in church. So I had them memorize them this morning, which luckily they all did. Then we ran through the program a couple times for Family Home Evening (or Family Home Morning, in our case, with later church).

Ruby tries to be very serious for the Primary program. She would never crack a smile if Woo didn't pull faces at her. She furrows her brow while singing, but she has a nice voice and sings loud and clear. She carried the primary a few times when no one else knew the words (to the 3rd verse of Praise to the Man).

Herbie is also very serious. He furrows his brow even more than Ruby when he sings, but he also twitches his nose A LOT. It's very reminiscent of a rabbit. I think this might be a nervous habit for him.

Moses just sings sweetly. He got up and said his part (a shortened version of D&C 133:3) and ended with "D&C 1-3-3-3-3-3-3..."

Linus got mixed up a bit on his scripture (D&C 1:38) and had to have an adult prod him in the right direction. I thought he might give up on his second part and just have him feed him the words, but he didn't. He marched right up to the microphone and hurried and said it before anyone had the chance.

Penelope and Archie did some nice singing and face pulling.
Archie: Mom, what's going to happen on the last day? 
Me: What do you mean "last day?" Before Jesus comes again? Before the end of the world? 
Archie: I mean the last, last day. 
Me: Hmmm ... (figuring this might work for anything he's asking) You'll be resurrected. 
Archie (nodding and satisfied): Okay. 
Penelope: Archie! What does resurrection mean? Do you even know? 
Archie: Yes. 
Penelope: What? 
Archie: To fix. 
Penelope: No. 
Archie: Dead.
And then I unfortunately didn't hear if Penelope had a good definition.

Kids are still doing awesome with their chores. I have a picture of Moses vacuuming in his underwear, but decided against sending it. So, that's it. Hope your week was great! Glad to hear Grandma's moving around a bit.