We were able to make it down to see Grandma while she's feeling well. It was a good visit. I was a little nervous because I know how the kids can be in a small space, and even worse when there's been a time change recently, but they're either growing up or Konn had them wrapped around her finger with cookies and milk and other treasures.

I'm sure we tired Grandma out, but I don't think it was too bad. I know she was happy to see us and we were happy to see her.

Herbie and Moses had a super exciting pack meeting with a police officer. They made us proud by being the most excited to hold a gun and Ruby acting like she was a natural at sitting in the back of police cars.

Herbie's spelling bee strategy this year was to study the whole list the morning before the bee. He cried when he realized he'd forgotten to bring the list home. So he did some studying at recess. And I think he did just about as well as last year when we put much more effort into it.

Archie continues to be the pampered youngest brother. I was sitting next to him and Moses on the couch when I looked over to see Moses put his arm around Archie. Archie laid his head on Moses' shoulder and give him a big smile, which Moses rewarded with a kiss on his cheek.

On Saturday when I asked Penelope what the best thing of her day was, she immediately answered, "Oh, taking burrs off Archie." Archie had unknowingly walked through a giant patch of burrs and when he cried and wouldn't move any farther, Penelope dashed over and pulled them all off him, telling about a time the same thing had happened to her. I'm happy that the best thing of her day was helping him.

Since we started Moneypants, Linus has been carefully saving money towards a lego set. Last week he finally got to buy it. He was so excited, turned so disappointed, when we got home kind of late Saturday night and he only had time to snap a few together before it was time for scriptures and bed. He didn't even ask to play with them on Sunday, but on Monday morning he greeted me with, "I get to play with my legos today!"

Which he knew would not be in the morning (too many things to do to play). After school he raced home, threw open the door, and did not go for the lego set, but sat down and did his homework in lightning fast speed BEFORE putting his backpack away and FINALLY putting the set together. That kid definitely has a work before play ethic.

Ruby has added dusting to her Saturday chores, now that we've moved everything inside for the winter (although the weather has been great!), and she LOVES it. Something about taking each object down, wiping it off (handling it) and placing it back just so--I can tell she's giving it her best. It also reminds me that dusting used to be one of my favorite chores too. Not anymore, though :).

I forgot to mention last week that Mom came up for Grandparents Day. (I didn't have a picture to remind me.) She was only able to eat lunch with Ruby and Herbie, but it sure made their day.

Well, I think that's it. Hope your week was great!