Olá, água, fantástico!!!

Well, we've already amassed Portuguese language apps, podcasts, cartoons, grammar books, CDs, etc. It's been a long time since I've learned a language, but I'm pretty sure I'm learning more than I ever did in high school German, probably not as much as German 101, and definitely not as much as being in the country itself. I am pretty pleased that I can now say, "I don't understand Portuguese" in Portuguese. (Eu não entendo português.)

We haven't shared a whole lot with the kids yet, mostly because we've been screening everything ourselves. Woo makes sure it's teaching European Portuguese (not Brazilian), and I test for ease of use and to make sure it takes us beyond finding hotels and calling taxis.

But they are excited for everything they get their hands on. One evening Ruby and Herbie poured over a grammar book together, with Ruby repeating, "Olá, água, fantástico!!!" over and over again.

I made an experimental failure of a meal one night. It was edible, mostly. Just not particularly delicious. And had ingredients that really shouldn't be together together. Like onions and oatmeal. And peas. Anyways, enough about that... everyone was at the table poking around in their bowls, and during a pause in general grumbles and complaints, Ruby launched into an high-minded lecture, "I, for one, am thanksgiving for..."

She hit starving people in China and all the other necessary talking points in this type of situation and when she was done, Woo stood up and applauded. "Ruby for President!"

I hope she joins the debate team.

Herbie is, by far, the most interested in learning Portuguese. He'll sidle up by me whenever I'm looking at something so he can learn too, and that grammar book is his favorite book right now. Language and reading are his strengths, so I'm not particularly surprised. This whole thing is a dream come true for him.

Moses has been having a hard time getting to sleep. Something about Christmas, and presents, and moving to Portugal, and Christmas... The first night we told the kids we were thinking of going to Portugal, he laid in bed for half an hour, then called, "I'm having lots of good dreams tonight, Mom! Lots of good dreams about moving to Brazil!" And about an hour later he'll actually went to sleep.

Here's Linus with his friend Rocko. He's the only one who's expressed any concern at leaving his friends or whether there'll be new friends for him in Portugal. His group of friends seem to really love him. Once when he went home sick, his teacher told us how sad his friends were that he wouldn't be there for recess, and he sometimes comes home, "So-and-so doesn't want me to move."

Penelope wanted to go ice skating for her Daddy Day, but the rink was too slushy (I think we got more rain this week than snow, again), so they went cross country skiing. And because she's five, they only had to go around the yard and the pasture. At one point she tried to ski up the bike jumps, which she did, but when she got to the top, she kept sliding down backwards and falling over on her hands.

"Harry Potter and Ginny!"

Archie kept telling everyone he was going to be a wiseman in the Christmas nativity, which would always get a rise out of Moses and Linus, because they knew that they and Herbie had been asked to be the wisemen. They argued with him and tattled on him and tried to get me to lay down the "only Herbie, Moses and Linus are wisemen" law, but I stayed out of it. Then a few days before the nativity, Herbie was asked to be Joseph and Archie was a wiseman. He was so thrilled, AND he had been right, just like he always knew.

Well, that's it! Hope your week was great!