Setbacks and Snow

It's official. I've crowned January my least favorite month of the year. I guess I had to have one, now that Novembers aren't so bad for us anymore. The kids were better, but not completely. I assume that will come next week. One thing I've noticed about myself is that when the kids are the most crazy, I'm pretty calm, positive, etc. (for the most part). But once we get into weeks 3 or 4 and they start to get better, I crack up. I don't know if it's the length of time or if I just let my guard down when the kids ease up and suddenly I'm really, really tired.

We also had a string of setbacks of some type or another almost every day this week. One or two or three is usually no big deal, but by the time we got to Saturday and got all the kids chored and fed and shoveled feet of snow off the car and driveway and got everyone to the post office for passport applications, only to be snapped at and find they didn't like our document copies and drove everyone to the library to make new ones and drove everyone back to the post office where they still didn't cut it... well, that was about the time where Woo and I just wanted to crawl into a fetal position under some warm covers.

Luckily the day got better from there. Yes, someone brought over some homemade chocolates. And we did successfully get passport pictures taken, that's one thing checked off the list. And we found someone to live in our house while we're gone. That's good too.

There was A LOT of snow this week, which has been very pretty and fun to play in. Woo took both Linus and Moses snowboarding (separately) and they both had a ball. We've all gone sledding and done some shoveling. Most of the kids have spent time building snowforts.
Me: What's your favorite thing to do in the winter? 
Archie: Oh, shovel snow.
Herbie came home the night before his wax museum project was due and announced he hadn't done a thing. Maybe I'm a jerk, but I refuse to get stressed out and pour my heart and soul into saving someone from their own procrastination on a school project. So, he drew up a poster on the spot on someone he already knew quite a bit about and already had a costume for. And I think he was pretty happy with his choice and performance, which makes me doubly glad I just let him handle it.

Woo and Ruby went to an activity at someone's cabin and listened to some Stake leaders speak. Woo came home with stories of her raising her hand and trying to answer every single question. Some of them with (so-so) jokes and some seriously. It's fun to have a legitimate spy watching Ruby in this new situation and we laughed thinking about our silly daughter who is such a 12 year old. And at our 12 year old answering some silly questions.
Questioner (after many failed and leading attempts): Okay, say you help a family of four. How many people have you helped? 
Ruby: Four.
Questioner (looking for one specific answer): What do you need to have before you can help some one? 
Lots of kids with lots of answers
Questioner: No. No. No. 
Another kid: Charity. 
Questioner: No. 
Ruby (immediately after this, but raising her hand the whole time and not being called on because she'd already answered so many questions): Love.
Moses was great in Sacrament meeting today. He was the only one who could tell us what the talks were about--the whole talk. But the strain must have been the limit for his day. He broke down in Primary when his teacher asked him to switch seats and spent the rest of the meeting sobbing while the Primary President rubbed his back. And then he managed to stand up and say the closing prayer (which he'd previously agreed to) with absolutely no trouble at all.

Linus is the first of our kids ever to go snowboarding with Woo and not want to come home. They usually are done and ready to go after a few runs (or even one, in some cases :(. But, Linus didn't want to come home ever. He was loving it and being daring and doing great.

Penelope has been incredibly absentminded this week. She could not keep her mind on even the simplest task. I had to throw her snow clothes on her a couple times (after twenty minutes of reminding her to do it herself) so we wouldn't miss the bus. She usually has no problem getting ready for school.

That's all. Hope you had a great week!