Tons and Tons of Thick, Fat Snow

Monday: Buses delayed 2 hours, but they should've just cancelled school. Or I should've just kept the kids home. Tons of kids weren't there and they just played on the computers and watched movies. For some reason, I was still thinking of the time we missed the bus on the super cold day and was determined to not miss it this time.

Woo got a ride to the ski resort; he wasn't sure the van could make it. But when his ride had to come home at noon, he took the van up anyway, where it got buried in the parking lot. This is where it pays to be a local... he easily found a ride home, but the van stayed the night.

Tuesday: School cancelled. We got off to a rough start. Something about the kids thinking it was a party day and me wanting the chores done. But after those were done, Herbie and Linus had a ball outside. Ruby and Moses built up a lego storm. Ruby and I made caramels. And Ruby made Archie some Harry Potter glasses.

I rode my exercise bike. Archie decided to retrieve some legos that had fallen by me, and he got those alright, but when he stood up, he either tripped or something... anyways, his cheek and my pedal collided. I felt really bad.
Woo: How'd you get that cut on your cheek, Archie? 
Archie: Oh. Mom kicked me.
Woo went snowboarding and came down with the car in the afternoon, where we successfully sent in our passport applications! The lady who helped us was much nicer, and there were still a few surprises, but nothing that a quick drive home and back and an extra $100 couldn't solve.

Then we went to eat at Kneaders to celebrate. (Thanks, Mom and Dad!)

And then Ruby and Woo drove back down to do baptisms with the Young Mens/Young Women and ate pizza afterwards.

Wednesday: Woo goes snowboarding. Old-timers were saying it was the best snow conditions of their lives. He took a clip of himself that he was initially embarrassed to show us because he was having so much fun he whooped and then "giggled like a school girl" (Woo's words) or "laughed like Mickey Mouse" (Herbie's words).

The kids had early day and I took Penelope to her Walking Report Card since her teacher is having surgery the week of parent teacher conferences. Penelope was so excited to show me what she is learning and her teacher says she's a delight, friends with everyone, exactly where she wants her, no concerns at all.

Moses and Ruby continue their lego creating ways. Herbie gets into Little Britches: Father and I were Ranchers. Linus draws 100 basketballs on a poster board for school.

Thursday: Woo goes snowboarding; he breaks his binding. He leaves the board at the shop, comes back for his wallet and takes Archie up for a little ski for Archie's Daddy Day.

Friday: Woo goes snowboarding. In an unrelated event, Penelope finds the scissors.

I get out Archie's hopper ball so he can "exercise" while I ride the exercise bike and he promptly falls off backwards, hitting the center of his back and the back of his head on the corner of the china cabinet. Ouch.

Saturday: We go for a family snowshoe. I'm tired and don't really want to go, but do anyway. Penelope and Archie's thrift store snowshoes don't work and I spend a lot of time helping them get them back on every few feet. Finally, we decide it would be easier to just let them walk so I carry the snowshoes to a spot I think we'll pass again on our way back. But, before that, we hiked into the lake bed. I chose a path different than everyone else's. One that looked less steep, not realizing (although, I should have) that it wasn't less steep; it just had a lot more bushes and dead grass hidden under the snow.

Above is a picture of me with one foot lost in a sink hole, deeper than I am tall, and the other stuck in the snow at the top. I abandoned the extra snowshoes and went home soon after that, where I made a super easy, yet surprisingly crowd-pleasing dinner: grilled cheese sandwiches and frozen berries.

Sunday: Marked everyone's height for the new year, and a delightful New Beginnings with Ruby for Young Womens.

That's it. Hope you all had a great week!