Christmas in February

We spent a large chunk of President's Day in the church so Moses and Linus could play with their ninja turtles on a large floor space, and everyone else could run around and play and find left behind treasures.

Herbie ran shuttle-runs with me. He needs less warm up than I do, but has less endurance, so by the third one we were at the same speed and he mysteriously slipped and then was done. Which was sad. I wish he'd done more with me.

Woo: Do you still play with [boy]?
Herbie: No. He plays football.
Woo: Why not? Don't you play football?
Herbie: I do, but he always starts a fight.
Woo: Why?
Herbie: He says I come late and always start on the winning team.
(Woo and I smile at each other)
Woo: That... sounds plausible.

Ruby found her first temple names this week on FamilySearch. She was pretty excited. About a month ago I kept being reminded of this promise of Elder Renlund's, and I was *almost* there, but not quite. I needed to teach others. I wasn't quite sure how to help the kids (my builtin students), since I still don't think they can do what I'm doing.

But there was a 5-step instruction list in the Ensign; we went over it together and Ruby ran with it. She actually didn't find anything for a couple weeks, just enjoyed looking at dates and pictures (like Herbie and Moses who found someone in our line dating back to 315 a.d.), but this week was the lucky week, and she's on her way.

Linus occasionally will wake up about 15 minutes after he's gone to sleep, complaining of nightmares. Then he goes right back to sleep. I haven't thought too much about it until I witnessed one of his personal bedtime prayers this week. After mentioning one or two other things, he said, "Please bless me to not die in the night. Please bless the house not to burn down. Please bless there to not be a tornado." He had quite the long list, the last two being: "Please bless I don't die of suffocation and please bless I don't die of diabetes."

I didn't even know he knew suffocation and diabetes could kill people! Anyways, I've talked to him about combining that whole list into one blanket plea for safety and spending most of his prayers on more positive subjects, and so far, so good. No nightmares.

Through a series of unfortunate events (for others), I ended up teaching an hour of kindergarten this week, which was waaaaaay easier than I ever imagined. I was imagining kids hanging off chandeliers or something, but it was actually a lot of fun. It definitely brightened my day. Those kindergarten teachers are lucky people.

Moses unearthed a Christmas present he'd never really gotten into earlier, but is actually a lot of fun for him--his snap circuit electronics kit. All the kids were fascinated. And when a belated Christmas bonanza came in the mail, most the kids declared they wanted "Snap Circuits!"

The scouts had a carnival for their Blue and Gold banquet (Ruby and Moses showed up late and soaking wet after running blocks in the rain to pick up a friend), and after the opening prayer I suddenly found myself completely kidless.

Penelope had sprinted to the face painting booth (she knew what was up, the line ended up being loooooong, and she was the first person in it), and Woo took Archie under his arm to shoot gliders. Other kids ran to the cotton candy or popcorn and I was left alone. It was a little disorienting.

Penelope is still working hard on all the early readers we have. She often reads to Archie or just by herself. I'm happy to see her so excited about it.

And also, Archie thinks Tupperware is called "templeware."

We had a couple days of snow and Woo went snowboarding again. The snow was practically perfect, but his day was not since the resort was really crowded and he no longer has a beard to protect his face from the cold.

In closing, here's an old picture of kindergarten Lyndy. Happy Birthday, Lynds!