The only silly language mixup we had this week was Herbie talking about Thailand and Thighland, which I finally figured out he thought were two real and separate places because he'd heard a friend talk about their visit to Thailand (Tailand in his mind), and had read Thailand on our bag of rice (Thighland).

This kind of thing is rare for Herbie, language is actually one of his gifts. I wouldn't be surprised if he died fluent in five.

The sixth grade doesn't have a Valentines party. They have a Valentine's dance. Ruby changed clothes twice in the morning, and borrowed a pair of my shoes when hers didn't match as well as she wanted. We only got to peek in for a few seconds when every sixth grader in the school was doing the hokey pokey. It didn't appear to be her favorite. But I do think she enjoyed the dance. She refuses to tell me anything about it, which is a pretty good sign she liked it, but is kind of embarrassed.

Moses and Linus went shopping with Grandma for their birthdays. They both came home with exact same remote controlled ninja turtle on a skateboard (which Grandma says is the first thing they saw when they walked in the store).

They didn't seem to realize they'd both picked the same color and everything... they swore that Moses' had a bigger head and weighed more, but no. They're the exact same toy in every way. They both walked up to the front door so pleased and proud of what they'd picked out, and when Linus carefully placed his in my room for safe keeping at night, he kept stopping and looking back to admire it.

We helped with Penelope's class Valentine's party. This is probably the 5th or 6th time I've organized it and it's become a walk in the park. We usually run one of the games, but this year I served a treat while Woo read the kids stories they'd never heard of before, like: Best Friends for Francis.

Penelope loved having her parents there and felt pretty special to have us organizing it. She'd already informed all her class, her substitute and other mother helpers when we got there. Also, we somehow didn't take any pictures of Penelope this week. Sorry, Nelps.

Here's Archie doing a little letter review before church. He's recognizing numbers. When I turned the pages in The Princess in Black Goes on Vacation, he'd say, "This is chapter 10, Mom." or whatever number was written there. He's also spelling simple words like "mom" and "hay." "Hay" is one of his and Penelope's favorites because of the little banjo number that plays after they type it in his smartpad.

And that's the week. Hope yours was great!