Late Nights--Still My Archnemesis!

We had some late nights this week: pack meeting, Ruby had a party, YW activity, etc. Early in the week there was A LOT of bickering.

Moses and Herbie were arguing over something so insignificant I don't even remember what it was.
Me (trying to get them to see sense): ... It's NOT his first born child; it's NOT his one-way ticket into college... 
To my surprise they paused to mull this over where each of them apparently thought I was talking about the other.
Moses: But what if he doesn't even go to college? 
Herbie: Yeah, what if he goes straight to the NBA?

Poor Herbie. He has the worst luck with pinewood derbies, rain gutter regatas, etc. The space derby was no different. His ship was one of the slowest, but I think it's for the best. He's slowly learning to lose gracefully. He had a very brief, low moment where he couldn't keep the rubber bands in his ship, but other than that he accepted it. He helped out where he could, didn't let it ruin his night or the next day and was genuinely happy for his little brother, whose ship did much better.

Woo was a little mad about Moses' since in his opinion the scoring was off and Moses should've gotten second or third. Instead he was awarded fourth. Moses was happy regardless. (P.S. He finally lost those chapped lips he was fighting for a few days--but really, what's a little chapped lip to the best high school basketball player in the nation?)

Ruby had three late nights and she really did well holding it together until Sunday. I don't know what it is, maybe it's that we're so often sitting so close together (scriptures, church, fhe, dinner), but she cannot keep her hands to herself or from pestering others. She and I did have a few pleasant one-on-one times when I picked her up from her party and when we went to the Womens Session of Conference and then out for a treat.  In a lot of ways she's really growing up and understanding things.

Linus has been playing some basketball with his older brothers. He doesn't make many baskets, but he's so excited when he does. He'll run in and tell me that he's made "a toilet!" Sometimes the ensemble is part of the excitement and he walks around really pleased in Herbie's BYU jersey and basketball shorts that are ten sizes too big.

Penelope was possibly the most sad with the cooler, rainy weather this week. She wanted to go outside and play every single morning, and many times she did ("I don't get cold, Mom."), but she always came back inside, finally admitting it was too cold or raining. Most days were warmer and drier by afternoon, so I think she still got some outside time at recess, and definitely after school. She learned to ride the next size up bike, which is a relief because now she'll be much faster.

Archie and I walked to the library once (like we do almost every week), and he was doing a lot of running ahead and behind me and feeling very fast.

"I run faster than you, Mom!"
"You run like this... " (slow sort of jog)
"And I run like this... " (where his arms and legs pumped faster, but he didn't actually move much faster.

I didn't bother to argue with him. He was so happy and carefree.

Our temple was closed for cleaning so Woo and I went out for dinner and a treat, which we don't get to do very often. We went to an Indian restaurant, which for us was so, so good. Woo wondered if he could live on garlic naan alone. We discussed new towns in Portugal to move to and decided on one that's at least good enough to look at very closely. I hope to send visa stuff into the consulate this week. And hopefully that will all work out without too much trouble...

Well, that's it. Hope you're enjoying your spring!