Sixty is a Great Temperature!

The most exciting text of my week. I laughed for quite awhile about it. I mostly can't believe people really talk to each other this way, but since they do, I'm glad they could send a little cheer my way too. (Don't worry, I did finally convince them I didn't have a brother or any relation named Todd.)

We enjoyed warmer temperatures this week, which was awesome. We still have quite a bit of snow, but it is melting and we have one long patch of dry grass on one side of our yard, where we all spent a lot of our Saturday. I almost fell asleep---so comfortable.

Yesterday was the best. Woo took the kids on their first bike ride of the year and they were so excited!

Ruby and I went on a long run. She knows how to pace herself now--no more sprinting for half the run and fighting a side ache the other. It was quite pleasant.

Herbie and Moses tossed a football for about an hour, then a rubber ball, then a lacrosse ball, and so on. And they didn't have to do it in the street or on a pile of snow!

Linus sat in a swing out in the sun and swung and swung and swung. He also sat in a hammock (we have three or four now).

Penelope and Archie still have a few things to learn... they were the only ones who got cold, but that was because they kept playing under the shade of giant pine trees and digging into old snow with their bare hands.

That's our week. Hope yours was great!