Early this week Moses fell asleep and then, about ten minutes later, started screaming. He was terrified; he needed help, and we could not wake him up. I said some prayers, and then somehow Penelope, whispering, in the next bed over got to him, and he stopped and slept soundly for the rest of the night.

In the morning, when we asked him, he said he was having the "sick nightmare," which of course made everyone want to tell me their "sick nightmare." The common denominator seems to be "louder and louder."

Herbie's is him stepping on a grid, where the squares light up, but get louder and louder until it is frightening. Ruby's is just a dot, but the dot gets darker and darker and louder and louder. And I still remember mine: raindrops falling into water, where at first they're kind of sweet with little voices, but get faster and faster and harder and harder and are eventually yelling at me with loud, angry voices.

We secured two things for our visas this week that I originally thought were going to be a giant pain in the rear, so that was nice.

The weather has been a dream. We've all spent a lot more time outside, and we just have tiny piles of snow in shady areas left. I've been able to take Archie out again in the stroller for some nice runs. He's been happy to be there and outside, but he's been tired this week, whiney at almost every other time.

Penelope, Archie and I spent a morning in town while the van's brakes were getting fixed and we walked around the temple and then to a playground. Penelope loved the temple and talking about it, and even stopped walking and talking to give me a great big hug about halfway through.

Linus seems to have a good group of friends who are fun and really like him. He came home excited to tell me a story of someone making fun of his outfit one day (said he looked like a carrot), and then told me what three or four other kids immediately said to speak up for him. Another day he had a great recess where he and his friends had marched around the playground chanting, "We love our shoes!" Which caught like wildfire through the rest of the first grade.

Moses has really been excellent the last couple days. Like really excellent. He's being immediately obedient and yesterday when Ruby and Herbie were arguing about who got the last seat in the front row, he picked up his stuff and moved to the back so they both could sit on that row. Today, he had one of the coveted spots next to me during Sacrament meeting, but he quietly moved over to let Linus sit there after Linus started crying. It sure has been helpful to have such a ready peacemaker.

Ruby was doing similar things earlier in the week, but she's had a couple late nights and cracked yesterday and today. Instead becoming the most contentious one.

Woo's family had a family dinner yesterday, so we took the opportunity to go early and do a session in the Provo City Center Temple (something Woo's really been wanting to do ever since we went through the open house). It was not as time-consuming and crowded as we'd been led to believe, but was really, really beautiful. Everything seemed even better in there and we had a great temple experience. We loved it! Of course, Woo sent me links to houses for sale in Provo later that night... if only we could stand to live in Provo...

The kids helped Grandma and Grandpa dig up the rest of their carrots, and Herbie was super excited to use a handsaw to help Grandpa with the last of his pruning.

Well, that's our week. Hope you're enjoying your spring!