Conference was awesome. I'm excited to study all the talks, but I had kind of a surreal experience with Elder Nelson's Saturday morning. In just the last couple weeks I had read or started doing every single story, scripture or invitation in his talk. I'm thinking that one, especially, holds the key of knowledge for me.

Penelope ran over and gave me a hug, "Mom! You're my sister!" after President Eyring mentioned we're all brothers and sisters.

As soon as Archie heard President Monson say "Read the Book of Mormon everyday," he wanted to get up and read the Book of Mormon that very second.

Ruby took the opportunity in between sessions to assemble her weapons arsenal to become some sort of warrior princess.

Woo took Ruby to the conference center for the Sunday afternoon session. Elder Stevenson is quickly becoming all the kids' favorite apostle. Woo liked Elder Costa's and Elder Palmer's talks. Also Elder Choi's.

As always, the kids were crazy nuts once conference got out. We went for a walk and Herbie and Moses ran up trees. At one point, they and Linus were all rolling around in the grass, wrestling. Linus was the craziest and also the one who got the most hurt.

And that's it.

Hope your week was great!