Spring Cleaning

The defining characteristic of our week was probably work. Most of it outside. Woo met the kids in the yard coming home from their early out day and handed out assignments. There was resistance at first (except from Moses who is usually trying hard to be obedient the first time) and then they were off.

All the kids helped pick up toys (and load the garbage can) and collect twigs littering the ground from pruning. Ruby and Herbie mowed the lawn. Linus asked if there was anything else he could do, so Woo sent him to rake up the last patch of leaves. I went out to help him because I knew he really wanted to get working on his homework, but his mood had changed. Now he wanted to rake up the leaves and all by himself.

I did help him for a few minutes before I had to leave to start dinner, but he finished the whole job, then came in and immediately got to work on his homework. It ended up that his teacher had given him two copies of the same sheet and when I suggested he toss one, he was upset. "No! I want to do it! I like homework; I love math!"

Woo meanwhile, got out the chainsaw ("Boy, that chainsaw really gets the ol' testosterone pumpin'!") to give our blue spruce a trim. All the kids helped drag limbs to the back pasture.

When they finally were done I was amused to see Moses out lying in the hammock enjoying a book. In fact, I borrowed his book to try the same thing after dinner, but didn't get to read for long.

On Saturday, Ruby and I tackled the jetted tub with chemical cleaner and q-tips. Her usual once a week spray-with-vinegar-and-wipe routine just wasn't getting the job done, but wiping q-tips in and all around the jets was fun for her.

Penelope really racked up the helping hand points over the weekend because whenever I'd say something like, "Okay! Everyone pick up ten things in the living room!" she would do it immediately AND pick up double of whatever I'd asked.

At the gentle prod from a neighbor, Woo got out and tore down the old shed (chicken coop?) in our back pasture. Herbie was, of course, all over that and helped where he could. I was inside, but apparently it came down with a mighty crash and since the roof was still intact the kids have adopted it as a play-platform. So far mostly doing duty as a ship (Ruby strung her hammock up as a sail).

I've been spending time each day going through our things and either packing it upstairs or loading it in the car to take to DI. I sure love that DI drop off, I always get an awesome feeling when I drive away, like I've been freed of some burden. Woo, on the other hand, gets a sick sort of feeling. He tries to not care or ask too many questions, which I appreciate. I know it's a sacrifice for him. And I don't touch his things without permission.

Archie has offered many times to help me carry things upstairs, but since I'm almost always carrying glass or things that wouldn't be safe for him to carry, I've always declined. Instead he's done a lot of following me up and down the stairs.

That's about it. Hope you're enjoying your spring--it's such a lovely time of year!