Water and Snow

I sure love Spring here. It is so beautiful. On the kids early out day we all went up to the ski resort. It's closed, but Woo, Herbie and Moses just hiked up and boarded down the bunny hill and a few jumps several times. Woo took Penelope twice and Archie once.

Woo: Did you have fun, Archie? 
Archie: Yes. But it's a little bit scary. 
Woo: Do you want to go again? 
Archie: No. I know how to snowboard now.

Ruby and Linus spent the entire time throwing rocks into a pond of melted snow surrounding the lift. On the way home Linus asked, "Mom! What's for dinner? Are we having leftovers from tomorrow?" I wish, but I'd already made pico de gallo earlier in the afternoon at Woo's request, so we had dinner waiting for us.

One night at dinner Ruby commiserated with Herbie on other kids calling them woolly mammoths.
Ruby: And it took me awhile to come up with a good comeback:  No dibs, Sherlock! 

During Moses' story night I told him the story of how Woo and I started dating (since it's different then the story of how we met) and Moses loved it. When I said, "And then he called the next day to ask me out again," he got one of his huge Moses' smiles. He must be a romantic.

Herbie has been counting down the days until his birthday for the last two months. It's next week and on one hand we can definitely tell--Archie (who shares a room with him) is not getting enough sleep because Herbie keeps waking up early, and on the other, Herbie has been very well-behaved and dealing with the excitement pretty well. That also may be because we've been loading him up with tons of work, and work always makes Herbie happy.

Penelope came home with her number sheet and announced that she was the only one to write all the numbers to 100 and the first one done. "The other kids were on 20. Or 30, maybe 30." All her numbers (except 1) are backwards and some are hard to read, but she does have the order of the numbers all correct (both overall and each set), and she WAS FIRST!!

For Earth Day we rode our bikes to some beaches and picked up garbage, which the kids really enjoyed (although, some of them had a hard time parting with some of their treasures--I'm thinking of your rusted hammer, Ruby and your foldable chair leg, Linus) and then we played at the last beach. We're thinking they'll have no trouble in the Atlantic if they're having fun in this snow runoff.

And I practiced some yoga for the first time. I know. I know. I've always scoffed at it too. But maybe it will have a place in my life in Portugal when the older kids are in school, Woo's out learning to surf and Archie's digging in the sand. I might as well be doing something other than working on my tan.

I uncovered some old cowboy boots for the younger kids while cleaning out the house, which inspired a lot of cowboy play. Here's Ruby in her "cowboy" outfit.

Well, that's about it. Hope your week was great!