Wow! What a week! At one point, I was like, "Was my birthday really only a week ago? It feels like a month!"

Maybe I'll just do a list...
  • I invited people over for dinner on one of the busiest weeks of our year... what was I thinking? Actually it went well, wasn't a burden at all because the kids do so much work now, and we all had fun.
  • We got eight people in to see the dentist. (Only two cavities, yay! But unfortunately two more appointments, boo!)
  • Ruby and Herbie competed in the Science Olympiad down at the county fair grounds. Ruby did pattern blocks, Herbie did the egg drop. They both took second place.
  • Afterwards, Woo took Archie (I was sitting in the dentist's chair) to Rancho Markets--our new favorite produce place--and Archie found these "burnt peas."
  • Ruby's Young Women's activity was a special Mother's Day activity, so I got to go with her. We seemed to have bonded over it, because for the day or two afterwards, she was really attached to me and affectionate (for Ruby).
  • One night I was getting the kids settled in bed when it sounded like a helicopter was trying to land on our house. That's because a helicopter was trying to land on our house. Or nearby it. It parked itself two houses down, for an unfortunate incident of domestic violence that ended in a death. We were completely surprised and saddened, of course.
  • We did hear from the Mission President. He didn't recommend a city, but instead told us he was going to immediately dispatch a (native speaking) couple to check out the schools and find a few apartments in the areas to help us make our decision. They'll help us with the deposit, etc. since it's nearly impossible to do without a tax number, which we can't get until we get there.
  • Linus had his Show-n-Teach. He taught his class a few Portuguese phrases, including "Sou canguru!" (I'm a kangaroo!) Then did "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" with them in Portuguese.
  • Woo and I went to the temple. Halfway through the session I looked over at him and he gave me a huge open-mouthed smile. Then he did it again several minutes later. Turns out he'd received some clear revelation: You need to decide to be happy. Walking out of the temple, he gave several, hearty and jovial chuckles, clicked his heels past the fountain and skipped to the car. Me: Well, now you've seen your weakness. In a year or two, it'll be a strength.
  • Penelope had her kindergarten program. She was the best January-sign-holder there! She was so proud... She'd warned us several times beforehand that she would wave to us, but then she was going to keep all her attention on her teacher. Instead, she looked at us with a pleased smile several times, and those were my favorite parts.
  • The kids discovered hole digging. Moses (giving me a hug): I really like to dig holes, Mom. And boy did he ever dig some. He was the main digger, and the deepest (he wanted the spend the night in his biggest hole), but Herbie dug a nice fire pit so he could complete his Arrow of Light. He wrapped a hamburger in tinfoil, stuck it in the coals and voila! he'd cooked something over a fire. Ruby was extremely tired from not sleeping well (end of school excitement?). She was the only one who didn't dig, but stayed in the house and read a book.
  • First thing this morning I told all the kids and Woo, "Happy Mothers Day! Thank you for making me a mother--I love it and I love you!" I got some chocolates (which I shared), some cards, some plants, some clean up after dinner, and a lot of hugs and I love yous.
I think I've hit all the main points. Hope your week was great and Happy Mothers Day!