Field Trips, Programs and Visas

Another crazy week. Next week *might* be a bit better, and then school is out!!

  • We got sent detailed information about schools in two cities from a very thorough Senior Sister. It was pretty much already clear, but we prayed and picked one.
  • Ruby got a cavity filled.
  • Archie and I met Lyndy, Mom, Tracy, Rachel and Ryssa for a birthday lunch, then we went grocery shopping in the most mind-bogglingly large Costco I've ever been in.
  • By some miracle Herbie earned his Arrow of Light. We didn't believe it was possible when he told us, but I guess he did it?? We certainly weren't on top of things. We were getting ready to read scriptures before leaving when Grandpa Earl walked in the door. Another big surprise for most of us. Woo neglected to tell us he'd invited his parents.
  • Herbie got a cavity filled.
  • I'd planned to have Linus' birthday party this day, but luckily his teacher never got the invites, because it snowed. I sent more invites to school with Linus; his teacher handed them out, and we're good to go for next week.
  • The school double booked us: Herbie's field trip and Moses' patriotic program. Woo: Why do they do that??? Me: I know! It's like they're not expecting anyone to have a kid in every grade...
  • Herbie's practically ready to surf and Moses' program made me a tiny bit sad we'll be missing the Fourth of July.
  • Ruby, Woo and I went to the temple (Ruby did baptisms; we did sealings). The sealer had two sheets of names from the Czech Republic I'd sent into the temple a year ago, so it was cool be able to participate in some of those, as well as our own names. (Which reminds me... on my birthday I also sat next to a woman who was doing a temple name I'd sent in. Too many coincidences to be accidents :)
  • Woo was definitely happy leaving the temple. He skipped, then insisted we stop for ice cream, then danced in the aisle while he picked what he wanted. Ruby gradually got over her embarrassment.
  • We're double booked again! Woo accompanies Moses on his field trip and Archie and I eat lunch with Penelope in the park for hers.
  • We got Woo's visa in the mail! Woo was in Rancho Markets when he got my text and said, "Moses! I got my visa!" The mexican woman nearby smiled, then later asked Woo something about the checkers in Spanish. He said, "No sé."
  • Ruby helped with the Young Women's spaghetti dinner and auction (to raise money for camp). Ruby loves young women's.
  • Woo discovered DELICIOUS sweet corn at Rancho Markets. Quite the surprise this early in the year. This is a blessing for him, because it's his favorite vegetable and pickings will be slim where we're headed.
  • Woo spent Saturday morning speaking only Portuguese. Herbie and I understood a lot. The other kids understood some.
  • Woo and Herbie started another fire in the back yard... I guess it's their goal to burn down all of the old shed before we go? Woo also helped all the kids roast hot dogs over the fire for lunch (I'm vehemently opposed to helping with hot dogs.)

That's it. Hope your week was great!