Herbie's Week

Well, Herbie had an awesome week. His birthday was made extra special by winning the egg drop for the whole grade and his teacher going into labor for her first baby--her mom and sister running in with updates and finally, the announcement that the baby had been born. On Herbie's birthday, just like he'd predicted from the first.

Later in the week he got his birthday story night, birthday blessing, watched old movies and pictures of himself and went shopping with Grandma, where he finally got that Stephen Curry jersey he's wanted for a long time.

All the kids' birthday blessings since we've bought tickets to Portugal have talked about the missionary work they'll do there. I'm excited.

(The rubix cube is not a birthday present, but try not to be too disturbed at the depths my present wrapping has stooped to...)

A few months ago we had Stake Conference. The Stake President asked us to pray to repent, for a change of heart, to be filled with the pure love of Christ, for angels to help us, and then to do it every day.  (I promise this is going somewhere...)

This week I asked the kids if they were still doing it. Several of them were. Then I asked if any had seen any blessings from those prayers. Herbie said he had. "Yeah, change of heart. I haven't been arguing with you anymore." And you know, he hadn't been. I unfortunately hadn't even noticed until that moment.

What was even better, was that his answer seemed to have influenced Ruby as well. Almost from that moment she quit arguing with me over every little thing.

I finally cut Ruby's hair this week. She was ready for a change, and I was happy to do it. Teaching the kids Portuguese and family history has allowed our kids to now get some time with the iPads, instead of no time.

One of our neighbors substitutes at the school and gives us little tidbits of what's going on. She was amazed at Linus and thought it was so funny that he's the smallest in his class and by far the fastest. She said it is so fun to watch him sprinting away from all those bigger kids. Laughing the entire time, I'm sure.

She's also subbing Herbie's class while his teacher is out with the new baby. He's apparently been a big help to her. She had Herbie come to the front of the class and read the book she was reading while she spent time out in the hall speaking with a student.
Woo (laughing): And did that make you more popular, Herbie? 
Herbie: No! Less! 
Woo (putting his arm around him): That's okay, Herbie. Doing good is better than being popular. And some people will get mad when you do good. Like Jesus, some people were mad. Even to the point of killing him.
Linus doesn't wear his pajamas all the time anymore, but he still sometimes goes upstairs and puts them on after a long day at school.

Linus had a rough afternoon with lots of crying. Finally I pulled him on my lap and asked him,  "What would help you feel better?"
Linus: Nothing! 
Me: "Lying down, reading a book, reading your scriptures, saying a prayer, putting on your jammies-- 
Linus: I want my jammies on right now! 
He ran upstairs and when he came down wearing footy pajamas and a spiderman bathrobe, he was happy. They are still comforting to him.

The kids had fun for awhile talking about how old they'll be in 10 years.

Nellpea: Oh, I get it! We'll be our same age, but a "teen" after it!

Moses said he'd be on a mission; I told Penelope she'd be getting ready to get her drivers license. She opened her eyes really big and gasped. I told Linus he'd be blessing the sacrament and his first reaction was a proud smile that he quickly tried to hide, as if it was a dream of his he wished to keep secret. The same reaction he had when he was told in his birthday blessing two years ago that he would "grow into a strong man."

Grandma was early to take Herbie shopping and came in before the bus had come. Archie whispered to me that he had something to say, so I announced it and Woo and Grandma looked at him.
Archie: I almost didn't get ice cream. (for Herbie's birthday)
Grandma assumed he didn't want any, but it finally came out that he wasn't allowed any.
Grandma: Oh, what did you do? 
Archie: Um, uh, a, I hit Nellpea. 
Grandma: But then you got some, what happened?
(Long pause)
Archie: Um, uh, my dad taught me not to hit.
Which was true and a much shorter answer than I was expecting.

Here's Moses going home teaching with Woo. Woo even let him drive the tandem at one point, but I don't think it went too well. Moses had the lucky privilege of sitting between both his parents in sacrament meeting today. I know he put his arm around me and told me he loved me several times. I'm sure he did the same to Woo.

Once this week I was thinking of my dad as a missionary for some reason. I was seeing him being obedient and working hard every day even in a tough mission. Then I realized I had that image of my dad as a missionary in large part because that is what my grandma had always told me. When she had visited the Schmidts they had told Grandma about my dad and she told me. I have always been proud of my dad as a missionary, and I'm sure it had a huge influence on how I behaved on my own mission. Thanks Grandma (and Dad :).

Well, that's it for the week.