The End

This week was just as busy as the last two, but with the added emotional element of Ruby's teacher collapsing in her pasture Sunday night. We had a lot of hopes and prayers for her, but she was taken off life support and died last night. She was 38.

Ruby graduated from sixth grade and discovered the joys of burning holes in paper with a magnifying glass. She fasted for her teacher and as part of the Leadership Council, got to travel to the principal's home to "heart attack" his house.

Herbie had his class play (He was Paul Revere and also had a drum part because he was one of "only three kids in my class who can keep a beat.") and started a fire for us to roast hotdogs so I could have an easy dinner one night.

Moses came the second I called--every single time. And said, "Okay," immediately after I asked him to do something---every single time. Kind of amazing. He also gave his best friend a Book of Mormon.

Linus finally got his 7-yr-old party. Moses' racing-themed party at the park was so popular and easy, I was glad Linus wanted to do it too. Unfortunately, Linus had spent so much time and energy being excited, he didn't race well, but of course he loved the party anyways.

Penelope spent the morning before her last day of school, looking at the pictures of her class in the yearbook. She started crying when she hugged her kindergarten teacher goodbye and cried the whole bus ride home because she was going to miss her friends.

At one point I had two tiny girls over so their mother could nap and Archie kept saying things like, "Hey! Guys! I'm the oldest one here!" He stepped it up to make sure they both were happy and safe while they played in the backyard.

Woo has been emailing and skyping and facetiming the senior missionary couple in Portugal. They are bending over backwards to help us. They contacted a realtor, toured an apartment for us, visited the school, negotiated the terms of our rental and are in the process of securing our contract. Woo was exuberant after we all got to meet them over Skype on Saturday. We are extremely grateful for them.

I realized by Thursday that I was just plain tired. To confirm that, after the temple, Woo and I bought a large bag of m&ms, two cartons of ice cream and three bags of chips. Thankfully, two things I'd committed to on Thursday and Friday fell through, and I just had to hold out until my last appointment Friday night, and then yay! School is out--this week is over!

Hope your week was great!