More Lovely June

For the first time in his life, Archie went upstairs and took his own nap. I didn't believe he was serious when he told me, but when I went up to check on him, yep. He was asleep.

When I asked him about it later, he said, "My head was moving and I wasn't even trying to. That's how I knew I was tired. And sweaty. When you're tired, you're sweaty. But girls... when they're tired, their eyebrows are short."

He's been pretty tired. There have been some later than normal nights and more than normal fights between him and Penelope. They had one really rough one where they both ended up crying at the top of their lungs. According to Penelope he "went against the rules of the club! You can't lie in the club... unless you're the first leader. Like me."

Two workers who recognized Woo and I at the temple greeted us with huge smiles and, "You guys are stalwarts!"

Their faces fell pretty hard when I answered, "Not for long!"

The part of me that likes to shock people wishes I'd stopped at that, but we quickly explained we were moving far from a temple, so their smiles could return.

Thank you to everyone who came today! After everyone left Moses asked for another ice cream.

Me: Didn't you already have ten of them?
Moses (shaking his head vigorously): Not even close!
Me (staring him down)
Moses: Well... pretty close.

Moses was excited about his older cousin who just got off his mission. He said, "Mom, he looks different now. He's handsome!"

And then days later...

Moses (asking about some young adult we know): Why isn't he married yet?
Me: It's not always that easy to find someone to marry--
Moses: It's going to be easy for me, Mom. Cuz I'm going to be handsome like [cousin]!

Moses: Mom, why do we drink cows pee?

And then Herbie agreed with him and they refused to accept that milk and pee are no where near the same things.

Ruby went to girls camp for the first time. She LOVED it! Ruby's a bit of a chameleon when it comes to speaking and behavior, and she definitely came back speaking like other girls in the ward. It didn't last too long, though. Only half a day.

She says she started all the fires (which may or may not be true) and was pretty excited about the games they played and songs they sang.

Thank goodness Herbie has been such a work horse. He mowed the lawn, weed whacked, helped me move the table saw a couple times, disassembled bookshelves, carried loads upstairs (well, they all did), set up chairs for guests today. Then he noticed some of them were dirty and he wiped them all off.

It's wonderful when he's behaving this way. But sometimes we get in the habit of asking him too much and he's had enough. He was not excited to set out the sprinklers, for example. There was a lot of yelling that time.

The theme for our talks was Romans 8:18. Linus wanted to have a personal example of "suffering" for his talk, so he told us he was going to fast. It was his first time and he only did one meal, but he did it. He was proud of himself, and when it was over he said, "But what was the suffering part, Mom?"

Which apparently he figured out because he did talk about it in his talk and he said fasting was hard.

Woo spent a lot of the week being stressed out about tax numbers and utilities and other details of the move. The tax numbers and utilities problem largely solved itself towards the end of the week, which was a huge relief for him. But I think he needs a vacation. Hopefully he'll get one soon!


Lovely Summer Week

This was a great week. We spent mornings moving things upstairs and afternoons doing summer stuff. Woo went to Wyoming for three days with the Young Men on their high-adventure trip.

We spent one morning throwing away school junk, outside junk and loading up the car AGAIN for another run to DI. I released the kids to play while I gathered a few more boxes myself... and Ruby ran in, excited to show me all the treasures she'd just found across the street, combing through the park garbage.

And admittedly she did find the stuff of her dreams: a bow with a few blunted arrows and a badminton set.

Herbie continued his waterslide set up duties. He and Ruby lugged up the blowup slide (I was hoping to discover it didn't work so I could toss it); he got out the extension cord, set up the fan, unrolled the slide, patched holes with duct tape, and... it worked for a little bit. Juries still out on whether we'll keep it.

Moses' hair is long enough that he can move it with a wet comb and he's been combing it most mornings. One day at the park he and Herbie found some school friends to play basketball with and I spent a few enjoyable minutes watching boys (mostly 7 and 9) play basketball. There was a lot of holding the ball and running. Moses and Herbie were actually pretty good dribblers and good at breaking away from other players, but their shooting under duress could use some help.

Linus decided Penelope had progressed far enough to ride over the jumps. First, he got off his bike and walked her through all the steps. Then, he rode one while she watched. Then, he watched her and offered critique. Penelope's first time coincided with three women cyclists riding by. They all cheered and she was eager to go again and again.

Sometimes Archie would rather sit at the table crying over his dinner, than joining everyone else outside on the hopper balls.
Me (trying to convince Archie he could memorize his talk): But you're smart, Archie.  
Archie (shaking his head): I'm not as smart as you, Mom. But... I am faster. I'm faster then you. 
P.S. He's not. Yet.

Well, that's about it. Hope you're all enjoying your Fathers Day!



I think we made it to four parties this week (if you count someone inviting us over for ice cream). We were able to make it to Lynds and Brode's School's Out party, which was lucky. I don't think we'll see them again before we leave for Portugal. We didn't get the notice it was a water party, so the kids were reluctant to get their clothes wet, but they all eventually broke down and had fun.

We also had the Fathers and Sons/Girls movie night and the annual Father's Day celebration at Dippet Pond. It was cooler and very windy. Woo ate, talked or napped in the yurt, and only really got this picture of Penelope trying on her new swim suit, but the kids all had fun in the water.

Ruby has been sharing a few memories of her teacher and even started writing a story entitled, "Love through Tacks." Apparently, Ruby once put a tack on her teacher's chair, but thought better of it and removed it. Her teacher still heard all about it and started putting tacks in places for Ruby to find like in her cubby, her desk, etc.

While the boys were at the Fathers and Sons, we watched some Strawberry Shortcake with Penelope and when she went to bed, Ruby and I watched The Half-Blood Prince, which Ruby has never seen and was very excited about.

At the Fathers and Sons, Herbie won the kids' frisbee golf, got a big box of swedish fish and shared them with everyone. ("Everyone there!" said Moses.) He ended up with three for himself, "So I won't get cavities!" he told me.

Herbie told us he wrote a talk and memorized it and when we went to Primary, he had nothing. He stared at the ceiling saying, "Um..." for like a minute before I told him to tell his story or end his talk. So, he ended it. Pretty abysmal, but hopefully he'll learn from his mistake.

Moses has returned to his butterfly stomping roots. He grabbed this one out of the air at Lyndy and Brody's, but I think he's killed like four this week...

I went to the library for a few minutes and when I came back, Moses' "best friend" had come to stay for a couple hours. Moses was in heaven and the other kids were excited too. He was a very nice boy and helped the kids and I carry all our scrap metal to the front yard to be picked up, including a very heavy filing cabinet.

Linus got hurt playing football at the Fathers and Sons. Since it was just at the park this year, Woo sent him home to get his football pads to stop him crying. It worked. Linus ran home and returned the coolest player there. He even caught an interception at one point and started barreling for the end zone... the wrong end zone. His teammate picked him up by the shoulders, Linus' legs still churning, and put him down facing the right direction. Which would've been awesome, but he threw an incomplete pass about five seconds later.

Penelope lost her swimsuit just as summer was starting. She's asked me almost every day to buy her a new one, and I, knowing she was getting one from Grandma and Grandpa for her birthday, kept dragging my feet. We did go to the store one day, and made a cursory search, but didn't get one. So she was super, super excited to get her new suit this weekend. It even had "underwear at the bottom" like she'd been wanting, and now she's asking me several times a day when we can go swimming.

Archie just loves having all the kids home all day. Although, he still plays the most with Penelope, Linus has taught him how to catch a football; Herbie has let him wear one of his basketball jerseys; Moses gave him a piggy back all the way home tonight; and Ruby has been a big help, taking him to the library and the park.

Woo is starting to get really stressed out about everything that needs to be done to move to Portugal. Selling the van is one of them. We almost drove down to Lehi after Dippet pond for someone to check out the van, but luckily found out in Heber they were no longer interested and we were able to drive straight home from there.

I feel like I'm making steady progress... I've gotten rid of a bunch more junk, done some packing, had the kids do more deep cleaning, printed off and signed rental contracts, shopped Ikea Portugal for necessities when we first arrive (isn't the internet wonderful??) etc., etc.

Well, that's it!



This week was awesome. I love summer so much. I slept in until 7 every day (except one to make a phone call to Portugal), the kids did all the cleaning, plus an extra chore every day to help us get ready to leave. It really was almost like a vacation for me after the past few very busy weeks.

For Memorial Day we headed down to Woo's parents for a BBQ and an irrigation turn. On the way we stopped at P.F. Changs for lunch (thanks again for the gift card, Mom and Dad!). Linus wrote his own fortune: "I will still love Dad."
Woo: I really hope that fortune comes true, Linus.

We went for a family bike ride along the newly finished bike path around the lake. Most of the time I was just looking around at how beautiful everything was--the mountains, the trees, the green... And the weird part was I kept having this strange urge to read L.M. Montgomery or Thomas Hardy or something about Narnia.

While I was steering the tandem, Woo was facetiming our missionary couple in Portugal (who were very excited to see him on a bicycle). They've preregistered all the kids in school for us. The elementary school is like a block from our apartment. We can watch it from the back window, they say.

Ruby sang in a small choir made up of students at her teacher's funeral. I'm glad she could do it and I think it was good for her to go. Ruby is enjoying her extra time to read and play. She has spent more time alone than usual, but I think she's needed some time to think and I've let her have it.

Herbie has taken care of all slip-n-slide related activities, which is awesome. He sets it up on a dry patch in the yard, hooks up the hose, turns on the water, patches leaks and hangs it up to dry when everyone's done.

The kids were talking about how things would be on the airplane.
Moses: Is there going to be a clown dancing around? 
Woo: Just you, Moses.
I checked out Wayside School is Falling Down for Linus, which everyone has loved. Several times, Herbie would gather all the younger kids around and read it out loud for like an hour. And they would all be sitting there on the couch in rapt attention. Linus finished it all himself one afternoon and was so proud and pleased, he immediately started on My Father's Dragon.

The Bishop really hit a cord with Penelope today. After Sacrament Meeting she asked if she could go up and hug the Bishop. Then she hugged him again when we left. She ran home and wrote him a note: I lov you. You are the best bishup. Love Penelope. He drove by on our walk and she was able to give it to him.

Archie: I don't like motorcycles. Because they're gassy. 
Archie (after looking at his illustrated Bible): Jesus can't go swimming.  
Me: He can't? Why not?  
Archie: Because he walks on water. 
Archie walked halfway into the kitchen today, then turned and sprinted out, screaming, "Dad! Dad! Guess what?! OUR THINGS ARE PLANTING!"

He'd finally spotted the all the little seedlings we have sprouting on the window sill--thanks to Mothers Day and pack meeting activities.

Yep, I'm still doing yoga. I actually really enjoy it and it's led to a rather sheepish discovery. I think I might have a sluggish thyroid. I don't know how many times Grandma mentioned thyroid stuff to me, and I was always like, "Whatever, Grandma... " Turns out she may have been on to something.

Woo invited a work friend over for dinner which was a huge win for us--delicious pie and salad and a super fancy quadrocopter to entertain the kids.

Hope your week was great!

Testimony Below:

I know that Jesus Christ lives. I know that he speaks me personally through the Holy Ghost and the scriptures and living prophets.

On top of everything else I am indebted to him for the many, many times he has brought peace and love and comfort to my heart.

I know that Jesus Christ's atonement gives us access to blessings and power beyond our wildest dreams and also the power to see us through each day.

I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love me. They know me and love me. And I love them. They know what I can become. And I want to be like them.