Lovely Summer Week

This was a great week. We spent mornings moving things upstairs and afternoons doing summer stuff. Woo went to Wyoming for three days with the Young Men on their high-adventure trip.

We spent one morning throwing away school junk, outside junk and loading up the car AGAIN for another run to DI. I released the kids to play while I gathered a few more boxes myself... and Ruby ran in, excited to show me all the treasures she'd just found across the street, combing through the park garbage.

And admittedly she did find the stuff of her dreams: a bow with a few blunted arrows and a badminton set.

Herbie continued his waterslide set up duties. He and Ruby lugged up the blowup slide (I was hoping to discover it didn't work so I could toss it); he got out the extension cord, set up the fan, unrolled the slide, patched holes with duct tape, and... it worked for a little bit. Juries still out on whether we'll keep it.

Moses' hair is long enough that he can move it with a wet comb and he's been combing it most mornings. One day at the park he and Herbie found some school friends to play basketball with and I spent a few enjoyable minutes watching boys (mostly 7 and 9) play basketball. There was a lot of holding the ball and running. Moses and Herbie were actually pretty good dribblers and good at breaking away from other players, but their shooting under duress could use some help.

Linus decided Penelope had progressed far enough to ride over the jumps. First, he got off his bike and walked her through all the steps. Then, he rode one while she watched. Then, he watched her and offered critique. Penelope's first time coincided with three women cyclists riding by. They all cheered and she was eager to go again and again.

Sometimes Archie would rather sit at the table crying over his dinner, than joining everyone else outside on the hopper balls.
Me (trying to convince Archie he could memorize his talk): But you're smart, Archie.  
Archie (shaking his head): I'm not as smart as you, Mom. But... I am faster. I'm faster then you. 
P.S. He's not. Yet.

Well, that's about it. Hope you're all enjoying your Fathers Day!