This week was awesome. I love summer so much. I slept in until 7 every day (except one to make a phone call to Portugal), the kids did all the cleaning, plus an extra chore every day to help us get ready to leave. It really was almost like a vacation for me after the past few very busy weeks.

For Memorial Day we headed down to Woo's parents for a BBQ and an irrigation turn. On the way we stopped at P.F. Changs for lunch (thanks again for the gift card, Mom and Dad!). Linus wrote his own fortune: "I will still love Dad."
Woo: I really hope that fortune comes true, Linus.

We went for a family bike ride along the newly finished bike path around the lake. Most of the time I was just looking around at how beautiful everything was--the mountains, the trees, the green... And the weird part was I kept having this strange urge to read L.M. Montgomery or Thomas Hardy or something about Narnia.

While I was steering the tandem, Woo was facetiming our missionary couple in Portugal (who were very excited to see him on a bicycle). They've preregistered all the kids in school for us. The elementary school is like a block from our apartment. We can watch it from the back window, they say.

Ruby sang in a small choir made up of students at her teacher's funeral. I'm glad she could do it and I think it was good for her to go. Ruby is enjoying her extra time to read and play. She has spent more time alone than usual, but I think she's needed some time to think and I've let her have it.

Herbie has taken care of all slip-n-slide related activities, which is awesome. He sets it up on a dry patch in the yard, hooks up the hose, turns on the water, patches leaks and hangs it up to dry when everyone's done.

The kids were talking about how things would be on the airplane.
Moses: Is there going to be a clown dancing around? 
Woo: Just you, Moses.
I checked out Wayside School is Falling Down for Linus, which everyone has loved. Several times, Herbie would gather all the younger kids around and read it out loud for like an hour. And they would all be sitting there on the couch in rapt attention. Linus finished it all himself one afternoon and was so proud and pleased, he immediately started on My Father's Dragon.

The Bishop really hit a cord with Penelope today. After Sacrament Meeting she asked if she could go up and hug the Bishop. Then she hugged him again when we left. She ran home and wrote him a note: I lov you. You are the best bishup. Love Penelope. He drove by on our walk and she was able to give it to him.

Archie: I don't like motorcycles. Because they're gassy. 
Archie (after looking at his illustrated Bible): Jesus can't go swimming.  
Me: He can't? Why not?  
Archie: Because he walks on water. 
Archie walked halfway into the kitchen today, then turned and sprinted out, screaming, "Dad! Dad! Guess what?! OUR THINGS ARE PLANTING!"

He'd finally spotted the all the little seedlings we have sprouting on the window sill--thanks to Mothers Day and pack meeting activities.

Yep, I'm still doing yoga. I actually really enjoy it and it's led to a rather sheepish discovery. I think I might have a sluggish thyroid. I don't know how many times Grandma mentioned thyroid stuff to me, and I was always like, "Whatever, Grandma... " Turns out she may have been on to something.

Woo invited a work friend over for dinner which was a huge win for us--delicious pie and salad and a super fancy quadrocopter to entertain the kids.

Hope your week was great!

Testimony Below:

I know that Jesus Christ lives. I know that he speaks me personally through the Holy Ghost and the scriptures and living prophets.

On top of everything else I am indebted to him for the many, many times he has brought peace and love and comfort to my heart.

I know that Jesus Christ's atonement gives us access to blessings and power beyond our wildest dreams and also the power to see us through each day.

I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love me. They know me and love me. And I love them. They know what I can become. And I want to be like them.