This week we hit the summit in terms of time adjustment. I started out the week with several heavy bedwetters. Now I have one or two light ones, who should taper off soon.

Also on Monday, Ruby, Herbie and Moses did the dumbest thing they've ever done. We live on the fourth and fifth stories. While I was playing chess with Linus and Woo was on a conference call, they climbed out the skylight of one room, over the ridge of the roof, and into the skylight of another. I was so exasperated I couldn't speak. And then I accidentally let Linus beat me (the first kid to do so). It was like I couldn't leave them alone for a second. I haven't felt that way in a long, long time and when they all went to bed I was exhausted.

Thankfully that stage seems to be over.

Herbie, Moses and Linus were hoping to take surf lessons this week, but we had very strong winds and crazy waves. They were about right for Woo and he had a lot of fun, but not good for kids who've never surfed before.

Herbie was the most put out. He got up every morning, cleaned his room and did his chore before anyone else was even done with their room, because that morning might be the morning. But it never was. Finally, Friday had mild waves but the fog was so thick, we couldn't see more than fifty feet. Woo did take Ruby, Herbie, Moses and Linus each out for a turn on his board on the nearest breaking wave to shore and they all loved it.

Penelope and Archie each discovered the Book of Mormon for themselves. Penelope spent a lot of time Monday morning in her room reading verse after verse and was so excited when she got to 1 Nephi 3:7, she ran out and said, "Mom! I know this one! I know this story!"

She felt great all day and told me she was always going to read the Book of Mormon in the morning and she has. (Earlier she would often just look at pictures.)

Then, on Saturday, Archie studied the front page of a Book of Mormon during morning scriptures, found the word "the" and identified a few other letters and their sounds. He was so pleased; he talked about it for hours.
Archie: I don't need to go to preschool now, Mom. Cuz, I know how to read. I can go to kindergarten.
And Penelope was very excited for him and told him she'd set up a school for him in her room just like her kindergarten teacher and teach him sight words.
Archie: I feel good because I read the Book of Mormon.
Archie: I'm excited to go to bed, cuz in the morning I can read the Book of Mormon.

Woo gave a very rousing speech around the breakfast table about how the kids were the only ones in the entire city who had the Gift of the Holy Ghost and how special that was. (And also how they were the only ones in the entire city sealed to their family forever.) And that was why we were here, to share those things, talk to people.

The kids were all visibly affected, but especially Ruby, who immediately started talking to all people again, using the little Portuguese she knows, her hands and English. Woo handed the four oldest kids a pass-along card before our walk today and she was the very first kid to hand one out. After she'd shown them how it was done, the other kids did the same.

Linus screamed because Herbie had gone on a lego-smashing rampage.
My airplane! My airplane! 
What's in your hand, Linus? 
And then he was laughing. He'd been holding his own airplane the entire time.

There was A LOT of whining and complaining by tired kids before bedtime prayers. I looked over at Moses who gave me a huge smile and whispered, "I'm not complaining, Mom. Like Nephi!"
Archie (walking past a school): ... And there's a tennis hoop!
Nellpea: ... and you shouldn't scratch anyone unless they're a robber. 
Archie: Yeah. (nodding sagely) Or a shark. 
Nellpea: Yeah.
And that's our week!