Some little tidbits from earlier I forgot to include (but Woo thinks are important):

Our first Sunday in church, we walked into the chapel, sat down and prepared ourselves to take the sacrament by listening to the prelude music... Chopsticks. It was being played by the best piano player in the branch--a 9 yr old girl--and it made Woo's Sunday.

Also, the branch has had triple the normal numbers since we've been there. Not just us, but lots of visitors and some investigators.

And... we live in a veritable sandbox. The kids sweep twice a day, but we're constantly tracking it in. The bad thing about sleeping on mattresses on the floor is that they're full of sand. The good thing about sleeping on mattresses on the floor is that just we lift them up and shake them out before lying down.

Penelope was very excited approaching this monument. "Mom, who's that?! Is it Captain Portugal?" A good guess, but it ended up being the patron saint of fishermen.

I've mostly mastered my mother-of-six-about-the-town Portuguese. It consists of phrases like: Let's go! Hurry up! Watch out! and Look at that!

Oh, and we all know "seis" like the back of our hand, which is the number (6) passersby always say after they finish counting us.

Woo life this week could be summarized as surfing by day, missionary work by night. Except that he also has a job that he tries to squeeze in. Sleep has been the first thing to go. He was called as branch mission leader today and spoke in sacrament meeting on missionary work.

One night I was helping Teresa get started on FamilySearch while Woo got the kids settled in bed, and she turned to me and said, "He is a good man." Yes, he is.
Woo: So you liking Portugal? 
Me: Yeah. 
Woo: Me too. 
Me: I've always believed and I now know it to be true--Europe is best done with your family.
The other times I've lived in Europe I moved to a different country AND I suddenly lived with strangers. I think the being all alone with strange people was always the worst part for me.

And adjusting to the foreign language and country isn't the hardest thing now. It's working with the kids as they move through their sleep adjustment period. It's a process that I understand by now and don't get too worked up about anymore.

We're in the stage where a kid (very frequently Linus this week), will be super cranky and argumentative, and then suddenly fall asleep.

Also, its sister stage where the kids completely lose their heads and I fear for their lives. Like the time this week, when Moses dumped a bunch of legos out of his fourth story window. I found the kids in his room, on a chair, hanging out his window to see what had happened to the legos.

They had fallen into the private patio of a downstairs neighbor. Moses was too terrified to ring their doorbell and talk to them, but I convinced Ruby and Herbie to do it. We figured out what to say in Portuguese, Ruby blurted the first word out then forgot. Herbie finished the sentence and to their surprise were understood. A few minutes later the man of the house came out with the legos in a napkin. He started yelling right about the time Moses had worked up the courage to go down and join them. Instead, he ran back into his room. I'm pretty sure it's not going to happen again :).

But for the most part the kids seem to be enjoying themselves. No one has complained about being here or said they wished they hadn't come. Although, Archie, who's never complained about anything here asked me, "Can we move back home next month?"

So that's all I have this week. Hope your's was great!