The Good and the Not-So-Good

The Good
  • The Branch President and his wife have been uber-helpful. They picked us up at the bus stop (with 4 liters of water!), got us the apartment key, took Woo to get his NIF (tax number we're pretty much helpless without), helped us get our utilities going, buy a washing machine, microwave, garbage can, etc.
  • The senior missionary couple dropped off some mattresses and pillows from Ikea so we had something to crash on.
  • The apartment is very spacious. All kids have their own rooms except Moses and Linus, who share.
  • The kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the beach! (And it's across the street)
  • We live within a mile of two parks, two grocery stores, three household goods stores, two car rental places, many restaurants, the church, the schools, etc.
  • I understand quite a bit of Portuguese.
  • The apartment is all tile and virtually kid-proof.
  • Woo and I have lived in Europe a few times, and while it's different, it's not shockingly different.
  • Ruby, Herbie, Moses and Linus have been playing pick up soccer almost every day with whoever they meet with a soccer ball.
  • I was sitting in church today, very pleased to be sitting in a small European branch. I don't know why that's so fun for me.
  • There are lots of funny, little cars for the kids to laugh at.
  • Woo caught Penelope on a house camera, dancing around with her poofy blue dress before changing for church.
  • The bread and yoghurt and fruit.
  • Woo's getting his Portuguese back.

The Not-So-Good
  • We still don't have gas. Woo and I took cold showers, the kids opted to bathe in the ocean. Probably the same temperature, but much more fun. Also, our meals are cold.
  • Two doorknobs broke in our hands on arrival.
  • I can say hardly anything in Portuguese. The kids are worse.
  • The apartment is all tile and may crack skulls. Also, it's an echo chamber.
  • There's a strong fish scent on the breeze at certain times of the day.
  • Archie threw a tantrum all the walk home after we couldn't buy a sand toy he'd picked out because the store wouldn't accept my card.
  • I sliced my big toe tripping up the stairs. It bled a ton and I have a big flap of skin that will probably die and fall off next week.
  • Moses tripped on a concrete vent and got two long slices on his knee cap.
  • Woo is often exhausted after a long stint of speaking Portuguese.
Well, this is long enough. See you next week!