Lemons (?!)

We finally got a van! The first time Woo looked at this one (a whole month ago?) Moses woke up excited to tell me he'd had a great dream--about our new van. Whenever we didn't buy it, he kept saying that this one was the one in his dream.

After we finally bought it, Woo asked Moses if it was just like his dream.
Moses: Kinda. Better and worse. The van in my dream had a food machine.
And the new church shoes he dreamed about had rockets in them.

Woo took Herbie with him on the actual purchase day. Woo pulled the van into our garage under our building, which has a very short, steep descent. Herbie said it was like a roller coaster and kind of scary.

We were excited to go for a joy ride in the new van, so we all piled in, only to spend the next twenty minutes going back and forth as Woo tried to maneuver out of the garage. There are pillars in all the wrong places... it's clearly designed for a mini, NOT a minivan. Anyway, we did finally get out before asphyxiating (and luckily, one of us had thought to open the garage door before we started... someone overly optimistic about a quick escape... )

We drove to the store and loaded up on a lot of big, heavy items that are obnoxious to carry home, like laundry detergent. Woo got us back into our parking space in the garage with less pain, but we haven't driven the van since.

Here's Ruby. The only girl in a court full of boys playing soccer. In fact, she's had a hard time finding any girls her age at all. Where are they? They're not walking around town or at the park or even at the beach. Very occasionally we think we see one at the store.

Woo bought a lemon when we first got here that he never used, so Ruby decided to eat it. She peeled it up, ate half of it, saying it was delicious, and would've eaten more, if the other kids hadn't begged for some. Crazy kids.

Linus sat with Woo during one of his visits to the bank this week (and no, he still doesn't have an account). I assume Linus worked his usual magic, sitting there, looking everyone in the eye with a giant smile on his face. And of course it worked. At one point the supervisor had to come out and she couldn't get over Linus.
"He is so beautiful! He is just like a doll! Are all your children as beautiful as he is?"
And Woo answered "Yes" without any hesitation.

Penelope may be the most responsive child to my and Woo's impassioned lectures on this, that or the other. I often overhear her reminding her brothers or sisters about something we've said. Even things from quite a while ago.

Woo talked to some kids her age at the park. One told Woo they didn't like the school's rice. It was yellow and they called it the pee rice. Pee was the only word Penelope understood, but it was enough for her to laugh heartily.

Archie woke up one morning and came stomping in our bedroom.
Me: Archie, don't stomp. There may be people sleeping below us. 
Archie: Oh, lemme go look.
(He ran away, then ran back)
Archie: Nope, Mom. They're awake. 
Me: How do you know? 
Archie: I looked out the window and there are lots of cars driving around.

Woo tried surfing a couple times this week on some smaller waves. It seemed to be going well until he accidentally slept on his hurt arm and had to ice it yesterday.

Woo got me a wet suit.
Ruby: Why does Mom get a wetsuit? 
Me: So when you guys are in school, crying because you can't speak Portuguese, Dad and I can be out surfing-- 
Woo: Giving each other high fives after the big wave we've just caught--
Because see how much fun we have now when the kids are not there and are in bed? See??

This is all we got of the eclipse before the sun set, but Woo and I were in Europe on our missions when a solar eclipse was here. Pretty cool. Sounds like most of you enjoyed it.