At Home

Moses: When I'm a dad I'm going to spend all my time with my kids
Me: How are you going to earn money?
Moses (smiling smugly): I'm going to sell lemonade with my kids.

Exotic wildlife exhibit #1--nesting seagulls!

Exotic wildlife exhibit #2--jelly fish!

The kids were tired after Madrid so Herbie, Moses and Linus built up their lego spy gear.

Tender mercy for Archie: a tractor parade!

Exotic pastime exhibit #1--Long-pole-off-windy-cliff fishing!

We no longer have the luxury of being asked to speak in church. We're posted on the list and we report for duty.

Exotic pastime exhibit #2--Penelope riding in the elevator with dad while the other kids take the stairs!

In other news: Ruby has a new Young Women's leader (she's been attending Relief Society) and school starts this week. Foreboding line from my back-to-school blessing: ...it will be very difficult...