In Madrid

This was hands down the toughest temple trip I've ever been on. It was just plain hard. I almost went into the bathroom and cried, leaving my last time, knowing how hard it was to get there and how long it would be before we went again. Instead I wrote my own name on the temple roll and walked out the door to my family.

Here's my list of good, followed by bad.

  • Woo reserved us a nice airbnb the morning we left (no thanks to my procrastination).
  • The apartment happened to be right next to a metro station on the same line as the temple.
  • Moses didn't throw up all over the car, but in a garbage bag.
  • Ruby got to do lots of baptisms.
  • The temple is always wonderful.
  • There were six playgrounds within a block or two of the temple.
  • There was a Lidl (grocery store) two blocks from the temple.
  • Herbie has not thrown one single tantrum all week.
  • The weather was lovely.
  • Madrid is a nice city. I almost wanted to move there.
  • We met lots of missionaries and members from a neighboring Portugal stake.
  • There were many senior sisters serving temple missions with their husbands, doing everything in Spanish. I was impressed.
  • We got to visit Costco on our way out with it's super cheap gasoline and professional quality plastic wrap.
  • The van performed beautifully.
  • We're still alive!
  • Stressful driving in Madrid and 3-story down, hairpin curve, parking spot below our apartment.
  • Exhausting.
  • Expensive (airbnb+gas+toll roads+food+clothing rental+???).
  • Everyone's tempers on edge.
  • Moses was sick.
  • Archie and Penelope took forever to go to sleep.
  • The kids grew tired of playgrounds.
  • We didn't understand how a smaller temple worked and wasted time because we hadn't signed up for iniatories or sealings or planned ahead.
  • We tried to do too much in one day.

No thru highway, but the small roads on the border of Spain and Portugal were lovely.

After a long, hard temple trip, Woo found comfort at the Costco.