Yesterday we drove to the Algarve. We left our foggy town and got off to an exciting start when Woo took the first roundabout too fast. Our bald tires slid on wet road and we spun 270°. Good thing Woo has done plenty of donuts; he knew exactly what he was doing.

When we stopped spinning, Moses was screaming, Penelope was crying, I cautiously stopped praying in my head, and the people in the car behind us were horrified. We gave them a thumbs up and a smile, then we were both on our way.

The rest of the drive was not without event: we paid about 80 euros in tolls (total) and somehow google maps shifted, sending us down a road that added another hour to our trip.

But, we still managed to meet up with Rui, Woo's friend from his mission. Rui's from Albufeira, but he lives in the Netherlands. He doesn't miss Portugal at all he said, and then we proceeded to make him do a bunch of stuff he doesn't like. Like go to the beach.

After this beach, I was grateful for ours with its soft sand, good waves and lack of people. It doesn't bother me at all that it's cooler. This beach was way too hot, full of tourists (you know things are not headed your way, when you ride an escalator down to the water... ), rough on the feet and had hardly any waves.

The kids still had fun, though. Ruby and Penelope collected tons of sea shells. Herbie and Moses enjoyed kicking their soccer balls into the surf. Linus and Archie ran in and out of the water... Really, all kids need is some water and some sand.

At some point, we made the mistake of telling the kids that McDonalds is better in Europe. As soon as they saw one, they wanted to eat there. We did (somewhat reluctantly) eat there. Was it better than the US? I don't actually know. It's been way too long since any of us have been to McDonalds. I will say that the fries were good and the rest was meh. Although, Herbie thinks the opposite.

Really, the point of the trip was to see Rui, help him feel loved and remembered, and for Woo to encourage him to go back to church and make some changes. He did that, so mission accomplished.

Other than that, our week was pretty much the same as others, except I started running a lot more and feeling a lot better.

Oh, and I also started teaching Sunday School. Luckily,  I already know how to teach a good lesson while saying hardly anything at all. All I need are some quotes or scriptures (read by other people) and a few good questions. I understood few to none of the answers, but Woo was in the room with me to tell me when I needed to regain control. And I'm good at interrupting people mid-sentence in any language.

Oh, and one more, the kids switched chores for the first time in a year. They've become little experts in their fields and I had each of them teach the kid who would be taking over for them. That made for a pleasant morning.

Hope your week was great!

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I know that President Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God. I know that the Book of Mormon has the words of God. I know that I feel better when I read the Book of Mormon every day. It has many blessings for us. I have peace, intelligence and revelations when I read the Book of Mormon.


Eu sei que Presidente Thomas S. Monson é um profeta de Deus. Eu sei que O Livro de Mormon tem as palavras de Deus. I sei que eu senti me melhor quando eu leio O Livro de Mormon todas as dias. Tem muitas bencãos para nos. Eu tenho paz, intelligencia e revelacãos quando leio O Livro de Mormon.


Ich weiß daß President Thomas S. Monson ist ein Prophet Gottes. Ich weiß daß das Buch Mormon hat die Wörter Gottes. Ich weiß daß ich mich besser fühl, wenn ich das Buch Mormon jeden Tag lese. Es hat viele Segnungen für uns. Ich habe Frieden, Intelligenz und Offenbarungen wenn ich das Buch Mormon lese.