Chariots of Fire

This was the worst conference for me I can remember. It was because I was so tired. Not in the fall-asleep-during-soothing-talks tired, or even the I'm-raising-six-babies tired, but the I've-been-around-other-people-too-much-and-haven't-had-enough-downtime tired. I didn't recognize this at first. I spent a lot of conference wondering and praying about what was wrong, and over the course of the conference I felt better. And by this morning I realized, I'm just going to have to be aggressive.

I mean, I have 3 kidless daytime hours every morning for the first time in almost 13 years. I live across the street from a beautiful, long, nearly deserted beach. I also live across the street from a very nice running path. Why on earth am I not taking advantage of this? Things are about to change here. 

Ruby has been very successful in P.E. Like, they've never had anyone run 100 laps around the school during the class period before? In fact, they didn't believe she had done it, but I guess there's some sort of counter, and yes, she had. Also, she's won a lot of the games, and since she's finally been able to shine in P.E. (and at soccer in breaks between classes) she's suddenly made a lot of new friends.

Actually, ALL the kids come home and talk about how much faster they are than the other kids.
Me (not entirely believing it): Why do you think that is?  
Penelope: Because we're AMERICANS!
They've never been so conscious of being American before, but we definitely stand out. While returning a library book, one librarian called Herbie by name, then asked if he knew F--a. The librarian was the aunt of a girl in his class and had already heard all about him.

I'm glad Ruby and Herbie both seem to be getting their athletic needs met in P.E. and intervals because they aren't able to join any clubs yet. The Portuguese tutor comes on the same day as their clubs... just an added incentive to learn Portuguese quickly, I guess.

Moses has been plagued by scrapes and cuts in the most obnoxious places... right on his palm, where his pencil sits when he writes; on his hip, where his underwear band is; etc. He had to take all stairs backwards for a couple days because his knees hurt too much going down. He's been in a lot of pain a lot of the time and those bandaids just don't stay on him (nor does he quit tripping).

Every time I go to the elementary school a line of girls in Linus' class cluster in the schoolyard and stare me down. I know what they're doing. They're sizing me up as their future mother-in-law. I disarmed them the first time by looking right at them and smiling. I'm unsure of where to go from here. I guess I could continue smiling, but that wouldn't be me, would it?

Archie occasionally talks about moving back to Utah and being excited to go back to Utah. Why??? Because the week before we left he got a free stuffed dragon from the bank and he misses that dragon. He spent a few days with it and three months later, it's the only thing he talks about from Utah.

The beach is nearly deserted (because it's cold!), but the water is not. There are still surf camps going on and plenty of surfers, many of them on a surf vacation from other parts of Europe. One day Woo spoke to a man from Switzerland. When Woo told him he was from Utah, he asked where. Woo told him the western United States.

But no, the man wanted to know where in Utah... turns out the man had been a member of the Swiss ski team during the 2002 olympics and had stayed with his team in a house a couple blocks from ours. Crazy!

We didn't have a lot of pictures this week... like I said, we were stretched a bit too thin, but hopefully more next week!

Hope your week was great!