Chelsey-Centric Post

When I moved out of my parents house I vowed that I would never, ever again eat four things: seafood (or fish of any kind), bananas, raisins and hotdogs. I have on very rare occasions had to break that vow, but not since I've been married. Until now.

We made some new friends last week and imagine my surprise when they responded to our invitation to meet in a park for lunch by driving over at midnight with a tub of freshly caught sardines (picture included last week).

I did cook up those sardines. It was the first time I have ever cooked fresh, intact fish (Woo usually has to do it). And there were a lot.

You might think that my bad never-eat-fish example would influence the kids, but Woo's anything-goes example has been more powerful. He ordered octopus in Albufeira. Moses and Herbie were super excited about it and ate anything he offered them. "It's like gum! Salty gum!"

And somehow he motivated them to eat through sardine after sardine. Penelope and Herbie even decided to start eating the eyes... "Crunchy!"

Still, it was too much for us and Woo had to finish off like 15 by himself the next night for dinner.

But... the reason those friends brought over a tub of freshly caught sardines is because the husband is the captain of a fishing ship. He invited Woo to go out with them the afternoon after he'd finally eaten all our fish. Woo had fun, took a lot of selfies surreptitiously, and as a departing gift, the captain handed Woo a big bag of fresh sardines. Which we promptly put in the freezer and offered to a family in the branch, who have invited us over for lunch next Saturday to eat... you guessed it, our sardines!

So no, I didn't eat any sardines, but I did eat dried codfish. It happened this way. A member of our branch used to be a chef in a hotel. He has a signature dish he wanted to share with us, but he's largely confined to a wheel chair, so what better way to teach us than to have Ruby and I make it under his direction? We made the signature dish (delicious) and an additional dish of bacalhau (dried codfish), and to be polite, I ate some.

For those hoping I'll be converted--it tasted exactly like I thought it would. I can smell after all, and I've eaten several types of fish in my lifetime. I know exactly what I'm rejecting. Anyway, Woo took a picture to mark the occasion and I was rewarded for my sacrifice with an ice cream cone immediately afterwards.

Oh, and all the kids helped carry groceries when we stopped at the store on the way home. Linus demanded the yogurt, Archie a package of cheese.

And that's it for now. Hope your week was great.

The beach during my run.