Things Settle Down...

Last year Archie had mostly a token chore: tidy up the living room and entry, but now that he's old enough to shoulder a real load (all things dining room table: clear, set, wipe, etc.), we ran out of jobs (well, that have to be done everyday--we'll never run out of jobs... ).

So I assigned Ruby dinner. My plan is to run her through 30 or so meals and repeat every month. So far it's gone well. She's done all the work while I oversee training, and so far she loves it. We've been doing all the prep work before school or her lunch break, but she's also completely willing to stand at the stove after a long day of school. Here she is with her first pizza.

I'm excited. Someday I'm going to have six kids who not only know how to do every household chore, but also how to feed a crowd day after day after day after day.
Me: Is that the face you would make if you were really standing next to Heavenly Father and Jesus?
And then she gave me this.

Herbie struggles a bit still with his first math lesson. We've been drilling him in that, but also, apparently he's behind in music. He did play the recorder last year, but no where near as seriously as the recorder is played here. We occasionally hear kids practice around their apartments, and I was unaware that a recorder can sound almost like a flute. He's expected to play some Eric Clapton song by the end of the year. Ruby's class is playing the theme song from Titanic.

Pokemon is not a thing at this elementary school. Instead, it's the free marine animal cards a local grocery store is giving out as a promotion. It's not a store we shop at, but it hasn't stopped Moses, especially, from amassing dozens. He's learned all the necessary Portuguese to get what he wants, and those cards are very dear to his heart.

I was dropping Archie off at his class when Moses barreled into me, heartbroken and bawling. His cards had fallen out of his pocket in the school yard while running and the other kids, like vultures, and snapped every single one of them up. Penelope walked up to him, gave him a hug and pulled her entire (smaller) pile out of her pocket and handed it to Moses.

Penelope reading Archie The Friend.

Linus is incredulous that the other kids in his class can't tie their own shoes. "My teacher is always tying their shoes!" And he’s in a class of mostly 3rd graders... "I hope we have a show-n-teach so I can teach everyone how to tie their shoes!" I wasn't sure I believed it, but then we walked by some very big kid having his shoes tied by his mother. "See!!"

Woo got a new surfboard--a smaller, more narrow one for more advanced surfers.
Me: Maybe your arm will stop hurting!
He used it once and instead hurt his back. He's spend a lot of frustrating time in pain. He's gone on some walks and some bike rides on the beach and some easy surfs on the old board... it seems to be slowly getting better.

I decided to forget about intervals and injuries and to just start running, for like almost 2 hours while Archie's in school. And it's been awesome! I didn't think I could do it, but I can--no soreness or tightness or plantar fasciitis or anything at all. I thank yoga and barefoot running on the beach (Woo suggested that one) and apparently (I've discovered from internet searches) it's a thing that I wasn't aware of. Plus, it's fun!

That's our week. Hope yours was great!