O Livro de Mórmon

We decided to dial up the missionary work this week after a goal-setting FHE by Woo. We gave out 5 Books of Mormon. 3 were accepted enthusiastically, 1 with a bit of confusion (I blame my Portuguese) and 1 outright rejected. (Sorry, Herbie!)

Penelope cried all the way to school Monday morning because we wouldn't let her give a Book of Mormon to her friend, Marguerita, who can't read yet.  But maybe we should have? Penelope gave her a card with the words to "I'm a Child of God" written on it instead.

Linus gave his to his favorite girl. He looked all over for her in the school yard as soon as he got to school, but didn't see her until the bell rang, then he threw it in her hands as she ran up the stairs to class. Reportedly she brings it out every recess, reads the little message he wrote in the front and her friends read a little bit out of the book.

Moses gave his to his teacher. He missed her birthday by a week (which had been his original plan), but after he gave it to her, she kept trying to read it in class and read during recess.

Ruby's Portuguese teacher took one look at her note in the front and ordered her to rewrite it in pen (pencil is not acceptable). Ruby, anxious to get home, rewrote it and re-handed her the book before turning to leave, but as soon as her teacher read the note, she called Ruby back for bejinhos (little kisses) and a muito obrigada!

Then the next day Ruby did the next thing on her goal list--stand up for a kid in her class that everyone else makes fun of.

Woo got to bear his testimony about Jesus Christ to a man outside the grocery store, which made his evening. Also the woman he wrote about visiting with the missionaries came to church this week.

And... this was a while ago, but I accosted a pair of Jehovahs Witnesses on one of my runs. (Because anyone out speaking about religion is fair game, right?) I apologized that I didn't speak good Portuguese, but I knew the Book of Mormon was true and that God loved them. They tried to give me a pamphlet, but I gave them a sweaty hug and ran away instead.

Herbie's friend didn't want his Book of Mormon and didn't want to take it for anyone in his family either, but he and Herbie are still best friends. He seems to have either been touched that Herbie tried to give him something or feels kind of bad, because he's been giving Herbie little trinkets since. One is a wallet shaped like a grenade that Herbie likes, but more as a toy than a wallet.

Other events of note:
  • Penelope lost two teeth. One while eating an apple, and one she pulled out herself with a napkin.
  • Archie gave Penelope several layers that I didn't even notice until I saw the hair in the garbage can. 
  • Archie and Linus were both sick one day and missed school. Archie took a cute nap.
  • Woo is suffering a lot of pain in his shoulder and from scrapes on his back and toes (and knees?). He's started doing pushups to see if that helps.
  • Woo spent most of Saturday helping Ruby and Herbie prepare powerpoint assignments for school.
  • Moses also missed a day of school because his teacher joined a strike. He had a mostly enjoyable time reading digital books from Utah's online library--which has been a really awesome resource that we use almost everyday.
  • Ruby memorized 98% of The Living Christ in a 24 hour period.
  • I went on a really fun run along cliffs to the lighthouse.
Hope your week was great!