Last Week of School

The middle school got ready for Christmas by holding a bunch of athletic competitions. We signed Ruby and Herbie off for the cross-country race, arrived on time, but found they were no where near to starting. Herbie told us the schedule said he'd start in an hour and a half, so I left for a run and Woo went back to bed.

When I got back early, Herbie had already started and was in the top few of a field of almost a 100(?) 11-12 yr old boys. Buses had been arriving while we were gone, bringing in kids from all over the area. Herbie took it out too fast, but still came in 10th, earning a medal.

I texted Woo who leapt out of bed and sprinted over on his bike to catch the start of Ruby's race. (We never assumed they'd actually be early!) Some tall, intimidating-looking girls took an early lead, but they died hard after about 100 meters, and Ruby won. She didn't just win; she dominated. No one was anywhere near, and I was half afraid she'd stop and walk over the line, but she didn't. As winner she gets to go to the district race next month.

Then, on Friday they had a 3x3 basketball tournament.

Both Ruby and Herbie were the only kids to show up from their team, so they were thrown in to play with other teams missing kids. Herbie ended up playing with the oldest teams (the "iniciados" (freshman)). He played great when he had the ball, but was super nervous and not very aggressive. His team took second. Ruby's game was a comedy of errors and her team also took second.

We also caught a peak of Ruby's crush. No, he doesn't look like Harry Potter, but after watching him throw a stray basketball and watching Ruby laugh in overjoyed delight as his "awkwardness" we now know that she has a giant nerd crush. Which is awesome. It'll keep her safe.

Herbie also bought a wallet this week, which is the culmination of many hopes and dreams for him. He stopped in the Chinese store on his way home from school and snapped up the brown faux leather wallet he'd been eyeing. He immediately filled it with his school card, library card, a used metro card (from NYC), and anything else he could find. When I woke him up that first morning, he had it nestled in his hand under the covers.

The next three kids all went to the Christmas Village on a field trip. They got to ice skate ("Impossible!" "It was soooo slippery!"), get their faces painted (Penelope is painted as Santa), and get a balloon after talking to Santa.

They had fun except Linus who came home with a frown.
Me: Did you have fun? 
Linus: No! I was in the last group and all I got to do was ice skate. 
It was too slippery! And I stood in line the whole time!

Penelope yelled at me from another room. I tried to answer, but I guess not loud enough.
Penelope (through hysterical tears): I couldn’t hear you, Mom! Because you didn’t yell like I wanted you to!!
Woo: Did you hear Penelope telling us that she told people about Santa? 
Me: No. 
Woo: She said she told other kids and Pai Natal himself. I asked her what she said and she said, “Pai Natal é nada.” (Father Christmas is nothing)
Me (later): Were people mad when you told them Santa isn't real? 
Penelope: No, they just smiled. 
Woo: They probably had no idea what she was trying to say!

Moses is great at hearing one sentence in someone else's conversation and jumping to crazy conclusions.

Someone: ...some people were poor and got no presents... 
Moses: No presents? We're not getting any presents?? Why not?!? Are we too poor?!??! Do we hate Christmas??!??!!
(Real quote)
Woo: Moses, always takes it three steps down the hypothetical road...

We bought a tiny tree at the Chinese store yesterday. Moses, Linus, Penelope and Archie hung up the ornaments they'd made in school. Moses added a few of his own snowflakes and Linus immediately went into his room to wrap a present for everyone and hide it under the tree.

Archie read his first scripture verse by himself during family scriptures. We all clapped and the bigger kids gave him high five. He was quietly proud with a little smile for the rest of the evening.

Here's Archie sitting on a cold beach next to a couple packages of shrimp.

Woo got his official residency card in the mail. He's legal! He also snapped his first surf board in half. I have no idea how, but I do know that on his first time out on his new board, he poked himself in the eye with the tip. He's been working on his duck dive and making satisfying progress.

Hope your week was great!