Archie Turns Five!

Archie was very kind to be patient for his 5th birthday while we were in Spain at the temple. We only had a token gift for him, with the promise he could pick out his birthday gifts the next day at Costco.

And even though he mostly waited through the day while Woo, Ruby and I did ordinances, he was very grateful. Saying things like, "Thank you that I could go to the park for my birthday, Mom!" and "Thank you that we could watch a movie for my birthday, Mom!" and "Thank you that you could make these (microwave dinners from the Lidl) and you could let me pick one."

Almost everyone got a small nerf gun for Christmas and it quickly became clear that Archie had the most accurate and deadliest shot. He was feeling pretty pleased with his new-found talent and announced he wanted a police suit for his birthday (which immediately reminded me of Ruby's 5th birthday).

Costco did not have a police costume, but they did have a "US Special Forces" costume. I'm pretty sure they use nerf guns too.

The kids missed the first two days of school because the Temple Patron Housing finally had room for us (which they've never had before). After we'd arrived, Woo and I had left the kids in the room with a movie while we did a session, we'd come back, put the kids to bed, ran to the Lidl for some food, and sat in an underused lobby outside our room (where they apparently store their cribs) eating treats, I was pretty convinced this was the way to go. We'd actually been on a date.

We used our time way more effectively because we only had to walk downstairs and across the courtyard to the temple. Woo and I could switch off sessions even before the other was completely finished, if we left the kids with a movie.  We also got to do sealings together.

I did four sessions. I listened to one in English, two in Portuguese and one in German. The German was so clear and familiar--I missed it. One of the Portuguese was much harder for me to understand, but it all was fun for me. I even understand quite a bit of Spanish now.

Our sealing session was interesting. The sealer barreled through name after name. I raised an eyebrow because in the US they are very (overly?) concerned about how people are feeling. Not surprisingly, after 20 or 30 names, one older lady stood up, announced she was leaving and hobbled out of the room, muttering "Oi, oi, oi!" with every step.  I soon saw why the sealer did what he did, though.

We started out with a room of nine, and within a few minutes we were down to three, unable to do anything, because everyone else had been taken by a supervisor to work in other areas of the temple. Three of those six did return after several minutes and we barreled through several dozen more names.

I looked through the schedules of all the temples in Europe because Woo suggested it would be cheaper and easier on the kids for us to fly separately into other temples every couple of months, and despite the lack of temple workers, the Madrid temple offers more sessions a day than any other temple in Europe (except those in the U.K.) There are a lot of people in there working their hardest.

Ruby overheard some kids in her grade (but not her class) talking about us. "Those parents take such good care of their kids. I saw them one time and all of them were wearing suits or dresses--they must be rich!"

I had to laugh, because their couldn't possibly have been a better thing for Ruby, personally, to overhear.

Since we have moved here, we have had the hardest time keeping Herbie, Moses and Linus in shoes. Over the years, we had discovered that it didn't matter the brand or the price of the shoes, shoes from the thrift store lasted longer. I don't know if it was because they'd already proven themselves by surviving through one kid, or what.

Herbie and Moses are the worst. They have both burned through five pairs of shoes in six months. To make it even harder, they seem to wear the most popular shoe sizes in all of Portugal. Most stores are sold out of them, but this week we got Moses a sturdy (fingers-crossed) pair at Costco. They had nothing for Herbie, but the Sport Zone was having a 50% off shoe sale and we got two pairs for him, in the hopes of not having to go shoe shopping again for a long while.

Also at Costco, Ruby, Herbie, Penelope and Archie bought teddy bears--not the gigantic teddy bears they have in the US, or the very large teddy bears we saw last time, but the-still-bigger-than-any-stuffed-animal-they've-ever-owned that they had this time.

Linus was heartbroken. He had no money left. He'd broken the bank on the fuzzy, monster blanket he picked out at Lidl before Christmas (and at the time was the envy of everyone). But now, the teddy bears were more appealing. I think he cried himself to sleep, but in the morning he had lots of plans to get himself a teddy bear. He traded his remote control car with Archie for a few hours and Penelope let him sleep with hers one night, just out of the goodness of her heart.

Most of the kids have eclipsed me in their Portuguese skills. At least their Portuguese conversational skills. On New Years they all decided to speak Portuguese around the house. There were a few things I didn't understand.
Penelope (laughing): I know more Portuguese than you, Mom???

Woo drove us up to Nazaré yesterday to look at the giant waves. It's something he gets really excited about these days, even though he doesn't want to surf them. (I don't think!) We endured high, cold winds; hail and mud. And crowds. There were way too many people trying to drive and walk on a tiny, slick road to overlook breaks.

Also, Woo vowed to never pay another toll in this country, and took us on a background route that was twenty minutes longer, but 20 euros cheaper (!!).

Hope you had a great week!

Testimony Below:

Eu amo o evangelho de Jesus Cristo e eu sei que ele é o caminho para uma vida melhor. Eu sei que Jesus Cristo vive. 

Eu amo o Livro de Mórmon. Eu leio o Livro de Mórmon todos os dias porque ele faz minha vida melhor. Quando ler, tenho felicidade e paz. 

Eu amo meu Pai Celestial e seu Filho, Jesus Cristo. 

Digo isto, em nome de Jesus Cristo, amém.

I love the gospel of Jesus Christ and I know that it is the way to a better life. I know that Jesus Christ lives.

I love the Book of Mormon. I read the Book of Mormon every day because it makes my life better. When I read, I have happiness and peace.

I love my Father in Heaven and his Son, Jesus Christ.

I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Ich liebe das Evangelium Jesu Christi und ich weiß, dass es den Weg zu einem besseren Leben ist. Ich weiß, dass Jesus Christus lebt.

Ich liebe das Buch Mormon. Ich lese das Buch Mormon jeden Tag, weil es meinen Leben besser macht. Wenn ich lese, habe ich Glücklichkeit und Frieden.

Ich habe mein Vater im Himmel und seinen Sohn, Jesus Christus lieb.

Ich sage dies, im Namen Jesu Christi, amen.