No Pain, No Gain

Well, we've been sick. Everyone except Woo. It's this weird sort of cold, whose main symptom seems to be feeling like you've not gotten any sleep and then actually not being able to sleep. It has lasting power. I've had it for a week and I usually am over these things in a day or less, but not this one. I only ran once or twice and went to bed early a few times, but to no avail. I wake up every night for an hour or two and then wake up an hour or two early.

I'm pretty sure all the kids have or have had it, because they're not sleeping well and they're all pretty grouchy. Incidentally, Ruby and Herbie can now argue in Portuguese, which I guess is an important milestone??

Woo isn't sick, but he's in a lot of pain. He bought a longboard and took Herbie and Archie down to the garage to try it out. He came up limping and moaning and just wanting to lie down. The old shoulder pain is there too, and his toe that maybe is broken (?). All in all, not our best week.

Ruby ran her big race this week. It's only her second race and she made a couple of rookie mistakes (like starting at the very back of a huge pack and spending all her time and energy catching people and running around them). She took 11th, and spent a day or so recognizing the things she'd done wrong and how she could've placed better. Kind of painful to know you could've done better, but it's all part of the learning-to-race process. At least she got a lunch with Dad out of it.

Herbie was not excited to walk to and from school without Ruby, for fear of meeting Rafael and having him say something to him on the way. Apparently, everyone leaves Herbie alone when Ruby's around (and I thought having the two go to school together would be more for Ruby's safety!)

Moses is obsessed with cards. Or cars. Or really anything small and collectible. We were talking about being addicted to video games one evening and one kid said something like, "We'd never be addicted to video games!" and Woo and I were like... "Er... Moses probably would be... if we let him."

Anyways, the current cards are Star Wars cards. He's learning Star Wars terminology in Portuguese.

Moses and Linus got a new set of scriptures and case this week. Moses paid for his own. Linus received his from grandparents for turning eight and being baptized (in two weeks!). Marking scriptures is one of their favorite quiet activities and this is how I found them Saturday morning.

Moses likes to mark those long genealogy lists of who begat who, and gets excited when he finds a new one.

You'd think with less people on the beach in the winter, there'd be less garbage. But there's more. I think because it washes up on shore and there's no one to throw it away. Linus isn't complaining.

In one session Linus taught Penelope how to tie laces (she's never had shoes with laces before now!) and she's super excited about her new skill. Also, she lost another tooth, which is always cause for rejoicing.

I pulled about five garbage bags worth of stuff out of Penelope's room---clothes, and hats. and purses, and bags people are always giving her, and of course, some trash. That same day she both thanked me for making her room so clean and complained that people never gave her stuff (when someone else got something).

Somehow Archie got in his head that he was going to invite his teacher to dinner. He worked on this all by himself.

"M--, come at six pm for dinner. Dear Archie."

Talk to you later. Hope your week was great!