Field Day in March

Field Day for my kids means magicians, bouncy houses, popsicles. Field Day for me means races, and I was more than a little let down when I finally had kids in elementary school and saw what Field Day had become.

Little did I know that all I had to do was move to Portugal. There's plenty of races here. The elementary school held theirs the week before Easter Break and it was actually called The Race of Easter (translated). For a second we thought maybe it was a giant egg hunt, but thank goodness, no.

There are three or four elementary schools in our city and all the 1-4 graders were pitted against each other according to grade. And they went all out with the huge blowup start/finish line, a DJ pumping hits (I assume), a starting horn, water bottles and snacks at the finish line, and an awards ceremony.

Penelope, Archie and Linus did lots of sprints in the house in the days before to "get ready" for the race. And it's always amusing to me to hear the things they (and Woo) say to reveal their dreams or fears for the race.

We'd learned from Ruby's race to tell everyone to get on the front line, which they did. But before the race, someone told all the first graders to not go too fast and trip other people. Penelope took that to heart. She ran a strong, but not too fast pace the whole race. Here she is taking the time to wave.

I told her to pass the person in front of her, which she did in about five very fast steps before returning to her slower pace to take second.

Linus thought he might win, but wasn't sure. He led almost the entire race, and was passed at the very end by this kid from another school, who Linus later told us should be in the grade above, but didn't pass last year. I don't know if that's true, but he's big enough. Linus made friends with him anyway, and they were giving each other high fives as they left.

Moses knew he was way faster than any kids in his school, but was worried about kids in other schools, especially kids who might've been held back. He was in the first pack of boys, that was way ahead of anyone else. Moses tried a couple times to pass the boy ahead of him, but that boy was too competitive and Moses was too willing to let him have his way and backed down. He got fourth and spent the rest of the day feeling kind of down that he was "the only one in the family who didn't get a place."

Ruby came home from school announcing she "counts as a boy in P.E." The P.E. classes here are both boys and girls and when teams are chosen, there's a rule to pick a girl, then a boy, etc. Anyway, because Ruby is better than most of the boys at most of the sports, she has to be chosen during a boy turn. She felt pretty good this week when they played soccer and she was the most coveted player of all three teams.

Herbie, Archie and I kept up our afternoon running on the dunes. Some days were really windy and it was painful to be caught in the middle of so much sand, but mostly we had fun. At least, I thought we did, but Archie and Herbie started complaining to do something else. Our decision was made for us Friday when we were coming down the stairs and some guy honked, then yelled out his window.
"It's no good, run on the dunes! Damage the dunes!"
And he sped away. I was a little weirded out to think this man I'd never seen knew who we were and what we'd been doing: English speakers running dunes. (Stupid Americans stand out no matter where we go??) But I guess he has a point. We've moved on.

Archie as the Man in Black:

His elf tucked in bed that he snuck to school.

Also, Archie's flipflop shin guards:

Skateboarding in the garage: A popular Daddy Day activity these days.

The waves were crazy big and rough most of the week (except one day when Woo took Linus and Herbie out). Woo's friend suggested surfing in a new spot. Within an hour, Woo had bashed his knee on a rock and his friend had broken his board. Woo could hardly walk for a day, and when his friend suggested they go to the same place the next day (presumably to redeem it?), Woo was happy to have the kids' races as an excuse to back out. Luckily, his knee feels a lot better now.

Anyway, that's enough for this week. Hope your week was great! I'm excited for Conference on Saturday!


Rainbows and Rain

I'm going to start by telling you now... we did not get our residency permits. And you might have thought the FBI background check was in the bag. We did get it in time, but not without at least 24 hours of hearing from various sources that there were problems with the address or customs or it wouldn't make it here until the 19th.

Woo made a lot of phone calls. I sent an email. We all said a lot prayers and we got my background check at 12:34 PM the day before our appointment.

Anyway, we waited for only an hour or so in the waiting room (which was good, the kids were not in a waiting-quietly mood), and we all got to go in the room together. But we were told that our documents needed one more form of authentication (that we were never exactly clear on), and they threw a completely brand-new form on us (that we'd never even heard of).

There was a second or two of disappointment, but Woo convinced them to accept and record the dates on our documents (so don't have to order them all over again)--we'd get the apostilles by the end of September (the date of our next appointment), and we quickly began to feel happy, like we'd gained some sort of victory.

It dawned on us both separately, that essentially we'd just been allowed to live in Portugal for free for a year. Woo estimated we'd saved over $1500.

We know how to get the things we need for our next appointment, and have plenty of time to do it. If they reject us again, we'll get another appointment 6 months out and maybe we'll even fly home before then? (We don't actually know when we're leaving. No current plans, other than, not yet.)

The only downside, and it's small, is that I wanted to go to London for Herbie's and my birthday, but leaving the country isn't the best idea now. Maybe October?

Because of rain and a rescheduled track meet, Ruby was at our SEF appointment instead of running the the 1K at the district race. She was not happy when she discovered she wouldn't be able to go, but was a good sport about it.

She was very excited to get a "Bom" on the end of term test in a class she failed last term. Another teacher commented on Ruby's test in that class that she was showing more enthusiasm for the subject.
Ruby: I'm not showing more enthusiasm. I'm understanding more!
Another thing she's improving is her piano playing skills. She plays almost every Sunday after sacrament meeting. She had enough piano lessons to read the music, and now is getting more piano practice in than she ever had while having lessons.

Herbie doesn't have an official primary calling, but I asked him to be our music leader. He's been teaching us "Scripture Power" in Portuguese. He also gave a talk in primary today, but didn't write it out, just had a general idea with some scriptures, and it ended up being a mini-lesson when he started asking questions. Which was great.

To change up my exercise routine, I started running dunes in the afternoons with Archie and Herbie. Archie is my speed. Herbie does a lot of climbing up hills, jumping, 360s and slides. I try to do whatever they do. Usually.

Moses is really into the Avatar: The Last Airbender books right now. He's kind of resenting school lately because he doesn't feel he gets enough time to read or play soccer.
Moses (talking about hitting his bum): It doesn’t even hurt. You know why? 
Me: Why? 
Moses: Because my bum is so hard! Like when Herbie kicks it, all that happens is Herbie hurts his foot. My bum doesn’t even feel anything!
I hope you can say that your whole life, Mose.

Woo went on his first, ever (?) dejunk the house rampage last night. It was awesome. We threw away so much cardboard and Woo even had all the kids completely clean out their closets. After the initial disappointment the kids really got into it and Linus said, "We should do this every Saturday night!"

Linus loved his planetarium field trip. He thought it was the most amazing thing he'd ever seen. He almost didn't make it. I happened to look at the paper the morning of his field trip to see that they were leaving a half-hour before school started. Woo hurried and ran him over, as he had 2 minutes to be on time, and he made it.

There's a little girl in Penelope's class who has always been so excited about her (and about us). Sometimes when Penelope is tired, she'll cry and say no one will be her friend at recess, and I'm like, what about that little girl, who clearly loves you, Penelope?

And also, she lost another tooth.

Last week Archie read about Jesus ministering to the children in the Book of Mormon. He talked about it with Woo and then came to tell me all about it. He was clearly touched and told me it was his favorite scripture.

Then, last week it was his turn to teach FHE. He chose to talk about the Book of Mormon, shared when he read that story and had a good question, "How do you feel when you read the Book of Mormon?" before sharing a testimony.

Archie was taking longer than usual to get plates to set the table. This is why.

Woo decided to do something different this week. I don't know what it was. He wouldn't tell me, other than to say that he'd decided to do something. But it's clearly a good thing. He's happier and nicer.

Also, progress may feel slow, and the surfing this week was rough, but he can tell he's improving. He was able to get out and catch a wave or two, instead of not even being able to paddle out and being completely exhausted.

I'm pasting my talk to the bottom of this. I should say, I don't do this because I think my talks are so amazing, but because I'm part of an army. Every little spark, together, makes a roaring flame.

Also, I'm playing a long game here. In a hundred years or so, the little things I record will add up and be valuable to my grandchildren and great-grand children. I've been promised this.

I hope you had a great week!

Once when I was younger, a little older than Ruby, I was thinking about the prophet Moses and how he parted the Red Sea.

I wondered to myself, how did Moses get to that point where he could part the Red Sea? Did he practice in the bathtub first and slowly work up to it? How? I couldn’t understand how someone could know they could part water.

Soon afterwards I read D&C 8:2-3.

2 Yea, behold, I will tell you in your mind and in your heart, by the Holy Ghost, which shall come upon you and which shall dwell in your heart.
3 Now, behold, this is the spirit of revelation; behold, this is the spirit by which Moses brought the children of Israel through the Red Sea on dry ground.

When I read this I knew how Moses had parted the Red Sea—the Holy Ghost had told him to part the Red Sea and he had obeyed.

And I also thought: I can do this! I can listen to the Holy Ghost and I can obey!

To be obedient to that prompting, Moses must have had an incredible amount of faith in the guidance of the Holy Ghost.

The stakes were very high. The Israelites could see an army pursing. Thousands of people were panicking, saying, “Why did you take us out of Egypt to be killed here?”

And Moses couldn’t just go do some quiet thing the Holy Ghost had asked him to do in his own house. He had to stand up to the water in front of everyone. Raise his hand, with the rod over the water, and command it to part.

Alma 37:6 says:

6 Now ye may suppose that this is foolishness in me; but behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass; and small means in many instances doth confound the wise.
7 And the Lord God doth work by means to bring about his great and eternal purposes; and by very small means the Lord doth confound the wise and bringeth about the salvation of many souls.

The parting of the Red Sea was a great thing, but it was done by small and simple means. The Red Sea itself didn’t part in an instant, but it took hours and hours.

Exodus 14:21 says: And Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and the Lord caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind ALL that night.

Also Moses was prepared to be diligent and obedient to the commands of the Holy Ghost over a period of years. He was 80 yrs old when he returned to Egypt to free the Israelites.

Moses performed great signs and wonders before Pharaoh to get him to release the Israelites, but before any of that Moses had to battle great opposition to be diligent and obedient to what God had commanded him to do.

For example, when Moses first asked Pharaoh to release the Israelites, pharaoh was angry and ordered the Israelites to provide their own straw for bricks instead of the Egyptians. The Israelites were beaten for not producing the same number of bricks every day and they were angry with Moses.

One of my favorite scriptures is when Moses says,  "Lord, wherefore hast thou so evil entreated this people? Why is it that thou hast sent me? For since I came to Pharaoh to speak in thy name, he hath done evil to this people; neither hast thou delivered thy people at all."

I like this scripture, because at times we are promised something for our obedience and the exact opposite seems to happen.

The Lord promises again, success to Moses, in the next verse and Moses labors on through the 10 plagues of Egypt, with all the work and energy and guts each of them took, until finally parting the Red Sea before the children of Israel were delivered from the Egyptians.

And Moses labored with so much humility and diligence and obedience and faith in the Lord’s promises that over time the Lord was able to work great things through him. So great that almost every religion in the world reveres Moses as a great prophet of God.

I know that the Holy Ghost speaks the words of God. And his promises are true. And we we are blessed when we follow them.

In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


Uma vez, quando eu era mais jovem, um pouco mais velho que Ruby, pensei no profeta Moisés e em como ele separou o Mar Vermelho.

Eu me perguntei, como Moisés chegou a esse ponto em que ele poderia separar o Mar Vermelho? Começou a treinar na banheira? Como? Não entendi como alguém poderia saber que podiam separar a água.

Logo depois eu li D&C 8: 2-3.
 2 Sim, eis que eu te falarei em tua mente e em teu coração, pelo Espírito Santo que virá sobre ti e que habitará em teu coração.
 3 Ora, eis que este é o espírito de revelação; eis que este é o espírito pelo qual Moisés conduziu os filhos de Israel através do Mar Vermelho, em terra seca.

Quando eu li isso, eu soube como Moisés havia separado o Mar Vermelho - o Espírito Santo disse-lhe para fazê-lo e ele obedeceu. E eu também pensei: posso fazer isso! Eu posso ouvir o Espírito Santo e posso obedecer!

Para ser obediente a essa inspiração, Moisés teve uma incrível fé na orientação do Espírito Santo.

As apostas eram muito altas. Os israelitas podiam ver um exército perseguindo. Milhares de pessoas entraram em pânico e disseram: "Por que você nos tirou do Egito para ser morto aqui?"

Moisés não conseguiu fazer uma coisa tranquila que o Espírito Santo lhe pediu para fazer em sua própria casa. Ele teve que ficar de pé na água na frente de todos. Levante a mão, com a haste sobre a água, e ordene a água para separar.

Alma 37:6-7 diz:
 6 Ora, podes supor que isto seja tolice de minha parte; mas eis que te digo que é por meio de coisas pequenas e simples que as grandes são realizadas; e pequenos meios muitas vezes confundem os sábios. 7 E o Senhor Deus usa de meios para realizar seus grandes e eternos desígnios; e por meios muito pequenos o Senhor confunde os sábios e efetua a salvação de muitas almas.

A separação do Mar Vermelho foi uma grande coisa, mas foi realizada por meios pequenos e simples. O Mar Vermelho não se separou em um instante, mas demorou horas e horas.

Êxodo 14:21 diz: Então Moisés estendeu a sua mão sobre o mar, e o Senhor fez retirar-se o mar por um forte vento oriental toda aquela noite; e o mar tornou-se em terra seca, e as águas foram partidas. 

Também Moisés estava preparado para ser diligente e obediente aos mandamentos do Senhor ao longo de um período de anos. Ele tinha 80 anos quando voltou ao Egito para libertar os israelitas. 

Moisés fez grandes sinais e maravilhas antes do faraó. Mas antes disso Moisés lutou por uma grande oposição para ser diligente e obediente ao que Deus lhe ordenou que fizesse.

Por exemplo, quando Moisés primeiro pediu ao faraó para libertar os israelitas, o faraó se irritou e ordenou aos israelitas que fizessem sua própria palha por tijolos em vez dos egípcios. Os israelitas foram batidos por não produzir o mesmo número de tijolos cada dia e se irritaram com Moisés.

Uma das minhas escrituras favoritas é quando Moisés diz:

Senhor! Por que fizeste mal a este povo? Por que me enviaste? Porque desde que me apresentei a Faraó, para falar em teu nome, ele maltratou este povo; e de nenhuma forma livraste o teu povo.

Eu gosto dessa escritura. Às vezes somos prometidos algo para a nossa obediência e exatamente o oposto parece acontecer.

O Senhor prometeu sucesso a Moisés novamente no próximo verso e Moisés continuou através das 10 pragas do Egito, com todo o trabalho, energia e coragem que cada um deles tomou, até que finalmente ele separou o Mar Vermelho e os filhos de Israel foram libertados do Egípcios.

E Moisés trabalhou com tanta humildade e diligência, obediência e fé nas promessas do Senhor que, ao longo do tempo, o Senhor trabalhou grandes coisas através dele. Tão grande que praticamente toda religião no mundo reverencia Moisés como um grande profeta de Deus.

Eu sei que o Espírito Santo fala a palavra de Deus. E suas promessas são verdade. E somos abençoados quando os guardamos.


Missionaries in Training

This was a big week. Hopefully this won't get too long.

Sunday afternoon Linus spent a lot of time quietly working on something, which was great, but even more awesome is that he was carefully writing a message in 4 Book of Mormons. He gave those out Monday and wrote in 4 more to give out on Wednesday.

I looked over his shoulder and his message was pretty good. It included one of his favorite scriptures (Alma 33:12), which is his favorite because one time when he was mad that I wanted him to read scriptures, I had him pray and find his own answer. He turned right to this, "Do ye believe those scriptures which have been written by them of old?" and it clammed him right up.

Anyway, on Friday he took his own scriptures (English and Portuguese) to show his friends his favorites and one of his friends, F--, was really excited about them, and Linus got an impromptu show-n-tell where he got to show the class a few of his favorite scriptures, and pass them around. He also took the opportunity to tell everyone to stop swearing :), which has had good results, so far.

Herbie tried to give a Book of Mormon to his friend, but he already had 3 at home. Herbie invited him, and a couple others, instead, to our branch activity.

In school news for Herbie, we got to listen to him practice a Portuguese pop song. For homework he had to play along with the youtube version. Also, on the day he doesn't walk home with Ruby, a few boys in his class that aren't his regular friends invited him to walk home with them. He was happy.

Moses tried to give S-- a Book of Mormon, but he didn't want it. A couple days later, he wrote a long testimony in front, and gave one to his best friend here, T--.

We had to move Moses' bed because the ceiling sprang a leak right above his head. It's been the rainiest couple weeks we've ever had, which is maybe a normal March here? But, every time it rains, the ceiling starts dripping again.

Penelope wrote her own careful, cursive message in her Book of Mormon for her teacher.
Penelope: My teacher thought I was giving her a present! She was so happy!
Then she asked Penelope if she read the Book of Mormon and Penelope said yes and gave her a big hug. (Teachers are nice. And little girls too :). The next day she told Penelope she'd found another Book of Mormon in her house... given her by some Elders.

(Penelope *almost* lost another tooth!)

(Archie's carton of milk wall and boat after a shopping trip)

Archie really wanted to give a Book of Mormon, but we wouldn't let him. Instead he drew a picture and some sounded out letters on the back of a The Living Christ for his teacher, but he forgot and Penelope snuck it back to school at lunch to give to her son.

Ruby said she was going to give a Book of Mormon to each of her teachers, but she was too slow. There were none left.

She did however get teased by Woo...
Woo: So Ruby, the nice thing is... if things don’t work out with D--, there’s always his twin brother! 
Ruby (smiling): I don’t like R--. He’s always doing his hair.  
Woo: And that makes you mad?  
Ruby: Yeah .....  
Woo: So if we stay another year, you’re hoping that you’ll be in the same class as D-- next year? 
Ruby: Of course I do! Who doesn’t?
Woo: Me. I don't care if I'm in the same class as him. Actually, maybe I do want to be in the same class as you and D--. Might be fun to watch.

In missionary work for me, I decided to put my Book of Mormon lists on Twitter. Why? Because the Holy Ghost told me to. I don't really care if no one ever reads them, or I never get any followers, or everyone hates me. I'm just doing what I'm told, and it can only work to good, if not for others, than at least to me, somehow.

Woo helped the missionaries and planned a Family History activity for the branch. He and I designed and printed invitations. He distributed some to the missionaries and we delivered some to inactives while the kids were in school. Then Woo ran the whole activity, telling the most exciting family story because he had pictures and because we could understand what he said (and also, it probably was the most exciting).

I guess he's also our Activities Chairman (that isn't a calling anymore, is it?) because he's already planning our next activity.

Also, Woo worked really hard all week to keep his blood pressure down. My FBI background check is the last document we need for our visa appointment this week and also the most prone to screw up. There's no room for error and the Portuguese mail system has to function correctly twice; the USPS four times; my amateur, self-taken fingerprints, in cheap, blue ink (Have you ever taken your own print of your left ring finger in the correct box? Without smudges? It's hard!) have to pass; and we need others' help.

We've been following the mail trail all week. Monday Woo's parents got my prints and immediately mailed them priority to the channeler (thanks!). Wednesday the channeler received them. Friday the channeler mailed the letter to our home in Utah. Tracking showed a next Monday arrival, which was going to be cutting it very, very close to getting it on time (assuming they could read my prints and issue me a background check), but Woo set an alarm, and the letter was delivered yesterday! Also, my prints worked and I got a clear background check! Some neighbors ran it to the post office, but it was already closed. So they drove it down to the big city and mailed it. It should be here 2 days before our appointment...

In short, it's all been a miracle. When I first looked, in fact, for a few months, I thought it was going to be impossible for us to get a background check of less than 3 three months old here for our appointment, but there has been some fasting and a lot of prayers and as of this morning, it looks like it could work!

Hope your week's been great!


Ten Ton Mose

Moses turned 10. I think the Friday before, I picked him up from school and he collapsed into my arms, crying that he didn't have any friends. I think it was just the end of a long week because he felt very loved by his class on his birthday, many of them giving him little trinkets like a balloon and a pencil and cards and drawings they'd done at home.

He felt loved by his family too, putting his arm around everyone nearest him while we sang "Happy Birthday" and letting Penelope hug him and hold his hand to and from school.

The kids are very kind to me on their birthdays, usually asking for the easiest dinners in the world. Moses wanted chorizo (a type of pork sausage) sandwiches with melon and two donuts he's been dying to try for everyone for dessert. He pretended to blow out candles and made a wish.

We went on a Sunday walk out on a dirt road. At one point a polícia marítima drove by in a truck, lifting one corner of his mouth and a finger as he passed, thanks to Moses.
Moses: I had to wave to him; he looked so angry!

We passed this "press the bell" sign that was just too tempting. All the kids pretended to ring it, and then Moses actually did. We thought it was a shop, but a man poked his head out.
Woo: The sign was a temptation for the kids!
I'm not sure if I've written this before, but I've yet to see a Portuguese get mad or annoyed with a kid. This man laughed and closed the door. We might've made his day.

It rained a ton on Friday. Streets and the park were flooded. After the rain, Herbie, Linus, Archie and I went to play soccer and we had to take our shoes and socks off to wade into the court. Herbie spent some time finding the drains with his feet and cleaning them out. He felt he made a big difference.

Linus and Herbie played soccer with me, but Archie spent almost the entire time, out wading in the water (after kicking his little soccer ball out the door of the court on purpose, so he could get into the water). He started out with his pants pulled up past his knees, but ended up with his pants and half his shirt totally soaked. I briefly considered stopping him, but really didn't care that much. In fact, I was happy this water escapade didn't involve any sand!

After the park, Herbie and Woo walked over to the beach to checkout the super high swell and tide. Waves were breaking over the divider(?) into the harbor and pushing water upstream.

Penelope is just a really good girl. She does her best in school, loves to come home and read some more. She loves everyone, and helps new people feel comfortable with her hugs. She loves to write nice notes for her family and her friends. She works on memorizing the Living Christ on her own and also reads the Friend herself and to Archie. She's Archie's best friend. In fact, when she left with Woo for her Daddy Day this week, Archie came to me crying because "Nellpea is gone!"

The only complaint I have about her, is that at times she's super sensitive and kind of a baby. But... she is only six... so I guess I can't complain.

We're kind of confused about Linus' new teacher. Probably because Linus is. It's either a man or C--a, his old substitute. Either way, no one is speaking English to him anymore, and Linus told us that the man teacher "didn't even know I was American." I don't know about that... Linus' class is going on a fieldtrip to Lisbon to visit the planetarium, which he called "the plant place" for a long time, and we assumed was some botanical garden or greenhouse, until Ruby was like, "You mean the planetarium?" The release sheet shows she was right.

Ruby and Herbie were arguing at the table when Herbie said, "Like when you talked to D-- in the library?! You were really red. And he was really red."

Ruby stopped arguing to laugh and that's how we learned that she'd talked to her crush for the first time. Sounds just about as awkward as I expected. And luckily for us all, Herbie was there to witness it.

I did the kids yearly interviews Saturday and Ruby was actually pleasant and amiable in hers. She even complimented me once in the middle... (what?!)

Ruby has taken it upon herself to help me with my pronunciation, and she's actually a pretty good teacher. Not that I'm making amazing gains, but that she understands her student and explains things well. She passes on all sorts of little tricks that she's used to help herself remember things. "Mas: say it like mush, like a command for a dog, that's what I always think."

It reminds me of one of her blessings before we came that said... the things she would learn while learning another language would help her entire life: in college, as a missionary, as a mother and as a future leader in His church.

Primary has been a different challenge than Sunday School. I'm learning and speaking less Portuguese, but the preparation is so much easier because the lesson and sharing time outlines are so great. It's the actual teaching that takes more work. Kids are less forgiving; they react the second the lesson loses their interest. And like a typical day with the family, there are times that are almost always a struggle (like returning to Sharing Time after their break). But, I'm plugging along and figuring things out. I'd say that every week has gotten progressively better and this week was really enjoyable.

In a lot of ways, Woo has become a better person in the last couple of months and weeks. He's way happier, for one. (Which was really nice earlier in the week when I was overworked and grouchy.) Also, he's actively trying to be a better person. He's facing up to his weaknesses and getting rid of them. Overall, he's definitely more humble, patient, generous, understanding, charitable, kind, and receiving more revelation. He was super tired yesterday, and other than being really quiet, that was all.

At times he doesn't really enjoy having to pick up someone a half hour away for church, teach Elders Quorum, teach Sunday School, prepare and bless the Sacrament, bear his testimony, and drop someone off. But most of the time he really enjoys working in the branch and with the missionaries. And he's way better with the inactive members of the branch than I am.

And taking pictures of the kids in front of "this house is booby trapped" signs.

Also, bringing home new fruits. Unfortunately, this dragon fruit was a dud.

Alright, that's about it. Hope you had a great week!

Testimony Below:

Eu sei que Jesus Cristo é nosso Redentor. Ele é o Filho de Deus.
Eu sei que o temple é sua casa. Ele é um lugar especial para aprender sobre ele é sentir Seu Espírito.
Eu sei que as escrituras tém as palavras de Jesus Cristo e instruções para ser como Ele.
Eu sei que nosso profeta novo, Presidente Nelson, fala por Cristo.
E digo isto, no nome de Jesus Cristo, amém.

I know that Jesus Christ is our Redeemer. He is the Son of God.
I know that the temple is His house. It is a special place to learn of Him and feel His Spirit.
I know that the scriptures have the words of Jesus Christ and instructions to be like Him.
I know that our new prophet, President Nelson, speaks for Christ.
And I say this, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Ich weiß, dass Jesus Christus ist unser Erlöser. Er ist der Sohn Gottes.
Ich weiß, dass der Tempel ist sein Haus. Es ist ein besonderer Platz von ihm zu lernen und zu fühlen seinen Geist.
Ich weiß, dass die heiligen Schriften haben die Wörter Jesu Christi und die Anleitung wie er sein.
Ich weiß, dass unser neuer Prophet, Präsident Nelson, spricht für Christus.
Und ich sage das, im Namen de Jesu Christi, amen.

(Phew, that German one was hard. I keep throwing in Portuguese :(.