Last Week of Vacation

One day was a little crazy. Lots of arguing, etc. (Well, except for Penelope. She would jump and do whatever we asked and buzzed around doing extra chores.) At scripture time we just happened to be reading in Mosiah 18. Woo reminded everyone what it REALLY means to keep your baptismal covenants (aka not argue constantly with your brother), and then Penelope raised her hand.
"Do you know why I was so good today? Because I said lots of prayers that I could be like Jesus."
The other kids were not super happy about that at first, but then Penelope, smiling and trying to be like Jesus, stood up and went around the room, giving each of us a big hug.

She moved all of them to repentance. I know Herbie made a personal goal to pray like Penelope. They all went to bed after scriptures, and in the morning, before Woo and I got up, they had all cleaned their rooms (with Ruby doing an especially amazing job), most of them had already done their chores, and several did extra things they saw needed to be done. (Moses even mopped his ceiling!)

That lasted most of the day and into the next morning.

We had a few sickies. Most notably Woo.
Woo (lying sick in bed already getting a hug from Herbie): Archie! Can you tell me 3 nice things? 
Archie: Yes. Hug. Forgive. And... I can’t think of another.
Wait! Daddy, is repent the same thing as forgive? 
Woo: No. 
Archie: Okay. Repent, Dad!

I had a crowd of kids watching me cut Linus' hair until Penelope suddenly jumped up and ran off.
Mom, I have to leave, cause watching them get their hair buzzed is making me want to buzz my hair!

There were a lot of people in town for Easter. Woo wasn't used to his waves being so crowded. He decided to go surfing during the hour or two of daylight after the kids went to bed. He went on his old beginner board a few times and had a lot of fun. Sometimes it's nice to be reminded of how far you've come instead of how far you have to go.

Woo organized a branch activity to pick up garbage on the beach. It ended up only being us and the missionaries (other branch members cleaned the church), but we still had fun.

I was reading my last conference talk from October 2017 the night before conference. It was Elder Rasband's talk--By Divine Design. I read the words: "entering 'the city by another way.'" And my mind was enlightened to know that I needed to enter this city by another way. Facebook to be exact. So, four years or so, after closing my Facebook account, I'm back on. This time trying to do stuff in Portuguese.

You might remember that I started tweeting a month ago. I'm tweeting almost straight scripture and I've had a lot of exchanges with people from all over the world. I gave away my first digital Book of Mormon this week, to a woman in Gambia.

Anyway, kind of a quiet week for us. This is Amelia, a member in our branch. Visiting her is sort of like visiting a grandma. The kids all love her and she always brings out snacks and interesting things for them to try.

Hope your week was great!

Testimony Below:

I love general conference because I can hear the word of God through His servants, our prophet and the apostles.

Three years ago, I began to read a conference talk each day. I received personal inspiration for my life every time I read a talk. Especially if I had read it many times before.

Like the Liahona, the talks in general conference work according to our faith and the attention we give them.

I know that the prophet speaks for Jesus Christ and this is His church.

In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


Eu amo conferência geral porque eu posso ouvir a palavra de Deus através de Seus servos, nosso profeta e os apóstolos.

Há três anos, comecei a ler um discurso de conferência geral cada dia. Eu recebi inspiração pessoal para minha vida cada vez que eu leio um discurso. Especialmente quando eu já li um discurso muitas vezes.

Como a Liahona, os discursos de conferência geral funcionam segunda nossa fé e a atenção que os damos.

Eu sei que o profeta fala por Jesus Cristo e esta é sua igreja.

Em nome de Jesus Cristo, amém.