Marijuana and Parsley

Ruby's still good for a laugh with a mixed up word. Maybe even more so, now that she's learning another language and many things are just a wisp of a memory for her.
Ruby (seeing a packet of parsley seeds): Hey look! Like Essley Parsley?
She was referring to Elvis Presley... probably a stage name for Essley Parsley...
Ruby (I missed the first part of her sentence): ... with the marijuana-- 
Me and Woo: What?? 
Ruby: What's that dance... ? 
Woo: The mariachi? 
Ruby: No. 
Woo: The Macarena! 
Ruby: Yeah! --with the Macarena--

Moses loves graphic novels and occasionally writes his own. His latest is titled: Moses the Hero. It's dedicated "to my family," and the first scene opens with, "In Portugal, Super Moses is fighting some big ninjas. HYA!"

There's always some debate about where English speaking kids are from.
Someone: He's Canadian! 
Moses: No! He's U-K-en!
But that didn't sound right.
So he tried again.
Moses: I mean English.
But he doesn't like that either.
Me: Moses, what do you call people from the UK? 
Moses (without a blink): U-K-ens.

Somehow we had no idea that Penelope was starting her swimming unit on the first day back from school. She wasn't able to swim because we hadn't sent anything with her, but she wasn't disappointed. She was very excited. The first day mostly seemed to be a tour of the pool and going over rules, and she enjoyed watching from the bleachers above the pool when the other kids jumped in for a bit.

We're prepared now, though. We got her a one piece suit, some pink flip flops and her swim cap was provided.

Herbie hasn't complained of bullies or being scared of anyone for a long time. A couple months ago, when it weighed heavily on his mind, we were reading scriptures as a family and after reading his, Herbie said, "I keep reading this scripture! I've read it like 5 times!"

So we read it again to find what the message was for him.

I'm not sure Mosiah 2:31 is the exact scripture, but if it wasn't, it was very close, "... even so if ye shall keep the commandments... your enemies shall have no power over you..."

He didn't see anything, so I asked, "Do you have any enemies, Herbie?"

It took him a second, but he smiled, got his marking pencil out and seems to have been at peace ever since.

Woo's getting too old to stay up late working on projects. He did last week and is sick this week. He's done a lot of extra sleeping and lying in bed. Yesterday was a warm, sunny day with perfect waves. It was killing Woo to not be surfing. Part of the reason he couldn't was because we had a district primary activity in Santarém. He hurried home with the idea of putting kids in bed and catching an hour in the water, but he laid down and fell asleep before I'd even told all the kids good night.

I know you thought it was impossible, but Linus gave out 4 more Books of Mormon this week. He's keeping a running total and says he's up to 23 since we've been in Portugal. Linus is such a cute, outgoing kid; he's excited to talk about his religion and he has people asking him questions about his baptism and for Books of Mormons regularly.

Archie didn't want to go back to school the first day, but I had Linus take him to his class room to avoid a crying stand-off at the door and it went fine. Since then, he's been excited to be back. He's really improved the last week or two with doing his chore the first time asked, and also extra things like picking up a room-full of legos. I credit the Moneypants app that I've been beta-testing. It makes the kids weekly progress visual and more tangible for even little kids like Archie.

That's all I have this week. I've included my (very short) talk at the bottom.

Ten years ago, the Spirit told me that I would speak at my grandma’s funeral. At the time, my grandma was perfectly healthy.

Eight years later, my grandma was in the hospital. When I prayed about her I was not told she would get better. I was instead told I would speak the words the Holy Ghost gave me with power and authority. I was nervous, but I waited.

A couple weeks later she died. I was not surprised when I was asked to speak, but I was surprised when I could not write a talk. I did not panic, but again I waited. This time for the Holy Ghost.

It came the morning of her funeral. I wrote the whole talk down, as it came, in 10-15 minutes, got the kids up and ready and left. I stood up at the pulpit and said the whole thing without looking at my notes once. The talk truly came from God. I spoke with the authority and power of God.

Two weeks ago President Nelson said:

“It is a remarkable blessing to serve in the Lord’s true and living Church with His authority and power. The restoration of the priesthood of God, including the keys of the priesthood, opens to worthy Latter-day Saints the greatest of all spiritual blessings. We see those blessings flowing to women, men, and children throughout the world.

We see faithful women who understand the power inherent in their callings and in their endowment and other temple ordinances. These women know how to call upon the powers of heaven to protect and strengthen their husbands, their children, and others they love. These are spiritually strong women who lead, teach, and minister fearlessly in their callings with the power and authority of God! How thankful I am for them!

Likewise, we see faithful men who live up to their privileges as bearers of the priesthood. They lead and serve by sacrifice in the Lord’s way with love, kindness, and patience. They bless, guide, protect, and strengthen others by the power of the priesthood they hold. They bring miracles to those they serve while they keep their own marriages and families safe. They shun evil and are mighty elders in Israel. I am most thankful for them!

Now, may I voice a concern? It is this: Too many of our brothers and sisters do not fully understand the concept of priesthood power and authority. I fear that too many of our brothers and sisters do not grasp the privileges that could be theirs.”

I don't have the answer, but I know that it is our privilege to have the power and authority of Jesus Christ with us as we carry out his work with dedication. And I know it will come as we are humble and repentant and seek it. I know this to be true.

In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


Dez anos atrás, o Espírito me disse que eu falaria no funeral da minha avó. Na época, minha avó estava perfeitamente saudável.

Oito anos depois, minha avó estava no hospital. Quando eu orei por ela, não me disseram que ela melhoraria. Em vez, foi dito que eu falaria as palavras que o Espírito Santo me deu com poder e autoridade. Eu estava nervosa, mas esperei.

Algumas semanas depois ela morreu. Não fiquei surpresa quando me pediram a falar, mas fiquei surpresa quando não consegui escrever um discurso. Eu não entrei em pânico, mas novamente esperei. Desta vez pelo o Espírito Santo.

O discurso chegou a manhã do seu funeral. Eu escrevi todo o discurso, como veio, em 10-15 minutos, acordei as crianças e saímos. Eu fiquei no púlpito e disse o discurso sem minhas anotações. O discurso veio verdadeiramente de Deus. Eu falei com a autoridade e o poder de Deus.

Há duas semanas, o Presidente Nelson disse:

“É uma bênção extraordinária servir na Igreja verdadeira e viva do Senhor com Sua autoridade e Seu poder. A restauração do sacerdócio de Deus, inclusive das chaves do sacerdócio, provê aos membros dignos da Igreja as mais grandiosas bênçãos espirituais. Vemos essas bênçãos se estendendo a mulheres, homens e crianças em todo o mundo”.

“Vemos mulheres fiéis que compreendem o poder inerente a seu chamado, à sua investidura e a outras ordenanças do templo. Essas mulheres sabem como invocar os poderes do céu para proteger e fortalecer seu marido, seus filhos e outras pessoas a quem amam. São mulheres espiritualmente fortes que lideram, ensinam e ministram destemidamente em seu chamado com o poder e a autoridade de Deus! Sinto imensa gratidão por elas”.

“Semelhantemente, vemos homens fiéis que vivem de acordo com seus privilégios como portadores do sacerdócio. Eles lideram e servem por meio de sacrifício à maneira do Senhor, com amor, bondade e paciência. Abençoam, orientam, protegem e fortalecem as pessoas pelo poder do sacerdócio que possuem. Eles proporcionam milagres àqueles a quem servem ao mesmo tempo que protegem seu próprio casamento e sua família. Eles se afastam do mal e são élderes vigorosos em Israel. Sou extremamente grato por eles”!

Ele continuou.

“Agora, posso manifestar uma preocupação? É a seguinte: muitos de nossos irmãos e irmãs não compreendem plenamente o conceito de poder e autoridade do sacerdócio”.

Não tenho uma resposta, mas eu sei que é nosso privilégio a ter o poder e a autoridade de Jesus Cristo conosco ao realizarmos Sua obra com dedicação. E eu sei que ele virá como nós somos humildes e arrependidos e o procuramos. Eu sei que isso é verdade.

Em nome de Jesus Cristo. Amém.