Revelation and Piqueniques

Archie lost his bear for some reason or another (lost as in, taken away by the parents). Woo made him a deal. If Archie could be good for three straight days, he could have his bear back... and a surprise! Archie was very motivated and did his best to be good at all times. He got his bear back (it was a joyous reunion), and got to open his mystery package... a large print triple combination (in Portuguese). Archie's little lip trembled as tried to decide between excited, proud, and dignity.
Archie (praying before bed): And please bless everyone to be good... except me, because I’m already being good. 

Woo suspected before, but now he knows for sure--he has an enemy! There's this one surf teacher who's always giving us (and everyone else in the world?) the dirtiest glares. Which is fine (I guess?). But this week, while out surfing, this guy dropped into waves ahead of Woo (which is super rude in the surfing world). And then at one point, he gave Woo the stink eye, turned away, then scooped up a piece of floating seaweed and hurled it at Woo. It landed in the water ahead of him.

When Woo told me, we had to laugh. Is this guy 3-yrs old? Anyway, ignoring him is still Woo's game plan.

I discovered this week that once AGAIN (!?) I'm not following the prophet as well as I thought I was. I read a summary of Sister Anderson's Woman's Week talk and she laid out a very simple instruction list for prayer in President Nelson's revelation talk, that somehow I had not even picked up on as instruction. So, I started that night and advised the kids to start also.

We are getting revelation, and I think I've uncovered the mystery of the new call for ministering. Every night I've been told to do one thing for someone else, most have been little, but I've been led to do them by the Holy Ghost. This is ministering; I am doing it.

The hardest revelation I've gotten is to eat a piece of fruit every day. I really don't like fruit; I'd rather eat a carrot or radish any day, and I'm afraid I'm going to forget.

When I was talking to the kids, I asked them how they would know that they were receiving revelation. Linus raised his hand first, and he was exactly correct. He's received revelation before and each of the three older kids recognize receiving revelation too. Archie has no idea (but we're still working on it!) And Penelope is not recognizing it every time.

One answer Linus got was how to solve the problem of a wet bird being stuck on a ledge outside a vent in his bedroom.  It's squawking was keeping him awake. An idea formed in his head of blocking the vent and moving his bed. He did it immediately and was happy to get a solution.

We have a branch picnic this Thursday and Herbie's first instruction was to invite his whole class (not just the two friends he'd planned on). He's actually excited. We printed out a bunch more invitations, put his email as the contact and he cut them all out in preparation for handing out tomorrow.

That same night, Moses was told to invite a girl. He was not excited about that, but he did it. And he was happy when he told me about how excited she was to get her invitation.

Herbie was also invaluable helping me do one of mine--black out the kid's windows (sun still keeping kids up...grrrr!) He and Nellpea ran to the construction supply store for duct tape and he and Linus ran to the recycling center for cardboard.

Moses is always our biggest fan.
Moses (surfing with Woo): You look just like a pro, Dad!!!
Moses (laughing out loud while reading my book): I just love your book, Mom! It's sooo good!
I hope he marries a woman just like him. What a lot of positive energy their family will have.

Sweeping floors is Penelope's job at home right now. She and the broom are good friends, and she'll just start sweeping messes on the neighbor's patio, or the primary room at church.

Penelope and Archie spent a good chunk of Saturday playing very nicely together. Here they are pretending it's Halloween. Archie's dressed as a blueberry and Penelope's a pregnant woman.

Ruby has switched which twin to place her infatuations on because "the other one says bad words." Ruby thinks she might make the honor roll this term and has been studying a lot. She goes to the library to study during breaks now (instead of her old habit of "playing soccer and basketball at basically the same time... ").

This picture doesn't look like much, but it's Moses ringing the school bell. It's completely manual (which would explain how inconsistent it is :), and Moses and Linus race to ask if they can do it.

Okay, that's all I have. Hope you had a great week!


Seafarers, or Dia da Marinha

This week we had all sorts of activities around town for Dia da Marinha. We checked things out on our walk last Sunday, not really knowing what to expect. Turns out there were all sorts of free boat rides!

We decided it wasn't the best Sunday activity, but it was clear Woo really wanted to ride one of those boats!
Me (laughing at him): You have fomo (fear of missing out), don't you?
Woo: I have fomo and you have fobi--fear of being involved.
Which is pretty close to the truth!

Anyway, we had all week to ride boats and Woo went three separate times with three different groups of kids. All the kids got a chance to ride some boats, Woo went on a different one each time (riding all boats possible!) and I didn't have to go on any!

(I don't actually hate riding boats, it just worked out that way, and it was a fun thing for Woo to do with the kids.)

Herbie and Archie rode in the amphibious vehicle for a quick dip and the navy ship for a much longer ride, where they saw Archie's friend and got to ride in the... um... what's the cockpit of a ship called? (Herbie tells me it's the bridge.)

Ruby went by herself with Woo, which was perfect, because she got to ask lots of questions, without any one else getting bored. They toured a large docked ship. Ruby thought it was hilarious that she asked an in-charge-looking guy how much the boat weighed and he didn't know. Woo thought it was hilarious that when he did find out the answer, Ruby didn't listen.

Moses, Linus and Penelope went on Saturday. The amphibious vehicle (the one they all wanted to ride was booked), so they looked around, and ended up riding on the most fun one--the life saving motor boat. The ambulance equivalent of the sea, I guess.

Moses (spotting barnacles on a wall): Billions of blue, blistering barnacles!

Woo was afraid they wouldn't get up to speed, but they did. I wondered if Penelope had been nervous.
Woo: Nope, she giggled when we hit a bump, then shouted the best line of the whole trip: I wanna do a tube!!

A few bits from the rest of our week:

Moses apologizing to Penelope.

Archie as a robot.

And finally fixing two very large holes some kids (who shall remain unnamed) made in the wall.

Linus' friend was so impressed with Linus' new watch, that he went to the store and got the exact same one. Linus was very excited to show him how to set it, the stop watch, etc.

Oh, and Woo got a new calling today (in addition to the old one--branch mission leader). 1st counselor in the branch presidency.

That's our week. Hope yours was great!