Children's WEEK

The kids rooms are blacked out, but they did not get better; they got worse!

And that's because they had one of the most exciting weeks of their lives. One day of school was a beach day with all sorts of games and water sports set up for everyone. Another day was off school and the day of our branch picnic. And another day was Children's Day (which is taken seriously here), with a lot of talking up from their teachers and a free carnival type party set up at the fire station. Last night was the first night we had anyone sleep anything close to normal.

Penelope got her face painted three times! Princesses, all of them. She started out strong on the beach, but had a tumble in the water, made her super-sad face, was run up the beach by an instructor and never saw the water again. At the time she was laughing, but later was sorry she'd missed surfing and the kayaks.

After overcoming fear, Herbie handed out invitations to his entire class to the branch picnic. Two of them came and they loved it!

One night, while seeking revelation, Herbie asked what the pre-mortal life was like. (Moses asked about heaven.) Part of Herbie's answer actually answered a question of mine. I was surprised.

Archie got revelation and recognized it! He was upset when we came back from the store without anything for him. I told him this was a great opportunity to go in his room and tell Heavenly Father everything he was feeling. He did and came out smiling, telling me he shouldn't have gotten anything and he needed to listen to his mom. He was so excited he ran into his room again to ask how he could walk on water (he needs the priesthood first) and if Jesus is a giant (kind of).

The morning and evening before the picnic were the roughest I've had in a long time. Woo was gone for hours shopping and setting up with other members and the kids' emotions were very high. I think they woke up shouting. And then putting them to bed that night while Woo returned tables and chairs in the van... I did not lose my temper once.  (Although I did down half a bag of chips once they were finally in bed--it still takes a lot of energy :)

A few years ago I began praying to receive specific gifts of the Spirit before reading my Book of Mormon. One of the first was more patience. I felt an immediate difference, but I really feel it now in situations like these. Kind of amazing.

Ruby was a big help the morning of the picnic. She spent an hour and a half filling up water balloons, which was a lifesaver. She enjoyed it and was good at it. She also cut up watermelon at the picnic and kept an eye on Archie to and from the fire station. And she was a great hostess to her friend who came to the branch picnic.

Linus didn't have school on Children's Day because his teacher decided she'd rather spend Children's Day with her own children. He finished his homework, read some library books and worked on his family history on his new FamilySearch account... all of his own initiative.

Moses made himself sick with the anticipation and excitement. He spent Friday home from school with a fever and had a bunch of canker sores, but seems much better today.

The picnic took up a large portion of Woo's week, and he was feeling the strain the day after. But last night he came back from surfing so happy... it was just what he needed, a beautiful, pleasant surf in the sunset.

That's our week. Hope yours was great!