School's Out (For Everyone)!!

Having half the kids in school and half not, was kind of a struggle. We didn't have to wake up as early, but Ruby and Herbie were often kicking around, not in a hurry to go anywhere, and getting in the way of those of us who were.

On the other hand, Ruby did A LOT of extra cleaning to earn money for summer clothes. That was nice.

But, finally, everyone's done, and we're all ready for summer.

Penelope brought home a folder of her work, and Woo entertained us all by reading her stories and commenting on her artwork. It's kind of an end of school tradition, but he doesn't do it for everyone. He says first grade work is the best.

Saturday morning I sat right down and wrote up a few schedules for the fridge and this excited the kids more than you would believe. They wanted to start right away. I must've said 50 times that we weren't starting until Monday, and still I had kids shocked and appalled and accusing me of lying when I told them we weren't starting that day.

Not that we didn't do anything fun Saturday... We went to the beach. Most kids went to the park, and we bought 4 kids new shoes. Moses was a bit overdue. These shoes lasted 7 months, which was a pretty great run for him.

The weather was very hot this week, and we went to the beach several times... along with everyone else. Archie was very excited to see his friend from school.

Archie: Mom, S-- was wearing a... a... bikini. 
My mind imagined a little boy in a bikini before I figured out what he meant.
Me: Oh, a speedo?

This same friend's mom bought a giant inflatable flamingo and was very generous sharing it with us (and then taking some pictures). Our kids enjoyed it more than her kids. Each of them were so completely delighted.

Last night was the repeat party... starting at 7PM, getting extremely loud at 10:30PM and finally stopping (according to Herbie) at 3:15AM. I fell asleep at midnight and was fine, but everyone else seemed to have had the night I had last time.

Linus said he kept thinking of getting out of bed and running down there and yelling at them to turn the music off. I'm glad he didn't.

Instead he yelled at us the second the closing prayer was said to go home from church.

Woo came down with something Friday so this party was extra miserable for him. He wore earplugs and took a nighttime cold medicine to hopefully knock himself out, but it didn't help much. He went straight to bed after church and is out now.

Tonight is our annual awards ceremony. The kids are excited. Herbie, Moses and Linus went to the store themselves to buy surprise awards for Woo and I. We bought the kids' on a night they were in bed.

That's all I have. Hope your week was great!