School's Out! (For Two)

Ruby and Herbie survived one year of middle school in a foreign country! (The other kids still have another week). To celebrate Woo took them to watch the World Cup game--Portugal vs. Spain on the big screen in the park. They loved it, and even I got a little excited. Even though I was home with younger kids in bed, every time Portugal scored there was horn honking, air horns and shouting throughout the neighborhood.

I'm glad Portugal didn't lose. There will be more games.

Sunday night there was no concert in our neighborhood, but not everything was taken down yet. (And still isn't! Is there another party in the near future?)
Woo: I’m glad they still have the spotlight trained on our window all night. 
I hadn’t even noticed.
Woo: It was brighter than the sun... It woke me up several times last night... but there were no heavenly messengers. 

Penelope discovered jump rope. One day she worked hard and got up to 64 jumps in a row! She walked very stiffly and crawled down stairs the next day. And the day after that. And the day after that...

We finally convinced her to walk normally and then she tripped at recess and skinned both knees. She walked stiffly and Ruby carried her down stairs... Until yesterday. I think the crazy walking's finally over!

Smoking is very prevalent here. Ruby and Herbie were discussing kids and teachers smoking at their school and Archie piped up.
No one in my class smokes!
Skateboarding in the garage is a popular Daddy Day choice. Archie's getting pretty good! (and Linus and Penelope... )

Linus came home from school one day needing sympathy. Apparently, he'd been hit in the head multiple times by the soccer ball in gym. Even by his teacher. I gave him some hugs and some kisses, and he lamented the fact that he didn't have any footy pajamas in Portugal...

And then later, when I was kissing him good night. He said, "Mom, everyone says I'm the best goalie our class has ever had. I blocked everyone's shots. Even my teacher's!"
Me: Is that why you got hit in the head so many times? 
Linus (smiling sheepishly): Yeah.
Now that's a completely different story.

Here's Linus picking out colored paper for Sunday rotations.

And I think that's it. Hope your Fathers Day was great!

Testimony Below:

This month I learned for myself that doing family history protects us from Satan and I learned that the prophet gave us very specific instructions about prayer to receive revelation. I know that God will speak to us every day.

I know that the prophet and the apostles speak the words of Jesus Christ and it is very important to follow them.

I know that Jesus Christ lives and guides His church. This is His church.

In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


Este mês aprendi por mim mesmo que fazer a história da família nos protege de Satanás e eu aprendi que o profeta nos deu instruções muitas específicas sobre a oração para receber revelação. Eu sei que Deus vai falar conosco todos os dias.

Eu sei que o profeta e os apóstolos falam as palavras de Jesus Cristo. E é muito importante segui-los. 

Eu sei que Jesus Cristo vive e guia Sua igreja. Este é Sua igreja. Em nome de Jesus Cristo. Amém.