First Week of Summer

Moses and Linus saw their first full World Cup game. The coin toss is something they're not very familiar with, apparently.
Moses: Oh it's the bottle tipper ... bottle toss? ...  ring toss?
Linus thought the purpose of the coin toss was to see who picks teams first.

Anyway, Portugal is out. There won't be anymore World Cup games for us.

Last night, a few minutes after they lost, there were a bunch of fireworks and I was impressed with the Portuguese will to throw a party even when they lost, but it was actually the start of a running race.

Portugal's largest night race ran right by our apartment last night. I'd forgotten all about it and it was far larger than we expected. Woo had to wait on the side of the road after his evening surf, growing cold in his wetsuit, for 15 minutes before he could cross to get home.

On Monday we went to the library for the first time of the summer. On the way, Ruby sprained her ankle jumping over a planter. She had a really hard time walking and I asked if we should just go home, but she gritted her teeth and insisted on going to the library.
Woo (to me): That must've been the proudest moment of your life.

I feel like as a family we've finally figured out how to rule the beach, and not have the beach rule us. Our time there this week has always been enjoyable and it's the kids' favorite time of day. There have been hardly any waves this week, but Herbie occasionally catches tiny ones. Mostly, the older kids have enjoyed lying on their bellies and paddling their surf boards around. Herbie's skinny arms stroking the water remind me a lot of how Tyson used to swim freestyle.

Moses has been losing money the last couple weeks because he hasn't been doing a very good job with his chore (washing dishes). Then, he would try to make up the loss by doing tons of other extra jobs. But, a couple nights ago, the revelation he got was to do a better job on his chore the first time (yay!) and the dishes have looked a lot better.

Linus was upset a few times because we didn't think he could carry his own surfboard all the way to the beach, and he thought he was too "big" for the body board. He kept lifting surfboards to prove it to us... Woo finally let him try and Ruby offered to help him up the hard part: the stairs. That worked pretty well until Friday when he did it all himself. He was so proud!

Penelope and Archie got these little blow up toys for their awards last week. They've been a big hit and I like them because they can carry them themselves and don't have to be blown up constantly. Penelope and Archie sit in those things either in water or on sand. Sometimes I think they're going to fall asleep... Archie lolling back and forth in the water, with his head draped back, or Penelope, basking in her airplane in the sun.

Woo's had a 101 struggles this week... turns out the callings of 1st counselor and Branch Mission Leader are sometimes at odds and being one in the same person is tough. It didn't help that there was never a good surfing day. Last night was almost okay, and he came home much happier than he's been all week.

That's all I've got. Hope your week was great!

Testimony Below:

When I was a girl, I loved the idea of “faith to move mountains.” I prayed that I would have the faith to move mountains, and every once in awhile I would command the mountain outside my bedroom window to move to see if I had enough faith. But I never did. Now I understand faith to be a very different thing than what I thought back then.

This week the Holy Ghost reminded me of my childhood prayer and also whispered to me that that prayer is being answered. Heavenly Father has not forgotten it, even if I had for a time.

It is precious to me to know that my Heavenly Father hears all my prayers and wants to bless me with the righteous desires of my heart. I love Him. And I know that he lives.

In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


Quando eu era menina, eu adorei a ideia de “fé para mover montanhas”. Eu orei que EU teria fé para mover montanhas, e algumas vezes eu comandei a montanha fora da janela do meu quarto para mover para ver se eu tinha fé suficiente. Mas eu nunca fiz. Agora eu entendo que a fé é uma coisa muito diferente do que eu pensei naquela época.

Esta semana o Espírito Santo me lembrou da minha oração de infância e também sussurrou para mim que essa oração está sendo respondida. O Pai Celestial não esqueceu disso, mesmo que eu esqueci por um tempo.

É precioso para mim saber que meu Pai Celestial ouve todas as minhas orações e quer me abençoar com os desejos justos do meu coração. Eu o amo. E eu sei que ele vive.

Em nome de Jesus Cristo. Amém.