House Hunters International Fans

I assume you all know that House Hunters International isn't real... and while we haven't seen the episode yet (so don't really know how everything plays out), we still need to come clean on two things.

1. Ligia never would've shown us an apartment with two holes in the wall. This is the apartment we'd already been living in for 6 months, and our own kids made those holes.

We had trouble finding contractors to even come and look at them, let alone fix them, and we felt terrible that they remained for filming. They have been fixed now. Mostly. Could do with another coat of paint... Hopefully they never make the episode...


2. Ligia is wonderful, but we did not use a real estate agent to find our apartment. In fact, it would've been nearly impossible for us to rent an apartment long term in Portugal without the invaluable help of a Senior Missionary couple--Elder and Sister Roque--working under the direction of their Mission President, Manoel Amorim. We are extremely grateful to them.

Oh, and... we know our reasoning for "choosing" the apartment we did, doesn't make a lot of sense. We kind of had to make up something on the fly and weren't very good at it. We're not complete idiots about budget and space required. Sorry about that.

That is all. Thank you.