Crocodile Attack!

(Ruby studying French at the beach)

Yesterday I read S. Oscarson's talk "Young Women in the Work" and thought of Ruby. This week she taught primary, did doors with the missionaries and translated in Sacrament Meeting for a woman visiting from California.

The missionaries teaching appointment was a no show, so they took Ruby with them to do doors. They said she was great, and I believe it. Ruby's always enjoyed talking to strangers. At one door a girl said, "Ruby!" Ruby didn't know her, but the girl was in one of the younger kids' classes and knew Ruby. The parents had also seen us all dressed up. Ruby explained we were going to church and they accepted a Book of Mormon.

She's also the perfect translator. She's always had the amazing ability to hear everything while talking constantly herself, which is pretty much the secret to translating success.

Archie (describing his first loose tooth, as if he could hardly believe it): It moves! It really moves!!
And when everyone burst out laughing...
Woo: Archie, you’re saying this to a table full of people who’ve already lost their teeth.
He was very proud, of course, and when I kissed him goodnight he had an idea.
Archie: I have an idea for my next talk--about how I lost my tooth!! Can I give my talk about that and not what the paper says? Can I do that, Mom??

Our branch member, Amelia, had us over for our annual lunch and swim in her little patio. While there Moses staged a life and death fight with her rubber crocodile that we all found very funny. And then, when he started giving the crocodile CPR (and a few seconds later the crocodile gave him CPR... ) we also realized how clever. Woo and I encouraged him to stage the fight again for our branch talent show this week.

We had a family home evening on honesty. It moved Penelope to a confession (her little face was pretty miserable to admit it) and immediately afterwards, Linus returned 4 or 5 little tissue packs that he'd taken from my closet.

Penelope's left her comfort zone a few times this week, playing soccer with her brothers and their friends (even making a couple of goals!... on accident... ). And sword fighting with Archie. She really enjoys that one.

Herbie and Linus decided on their own to completely clean out their rooms (and Moses was dragged into it, since he shares a room with Herbie). First they emptied out EVERYTHING, swept, mopped, and returned the most important things, until they were left with a bunch of junk that they gathered up and threw away.

The kids are getting excited to start school again (in about a month), and we also went through everyone's clothes to get rid of stuff that isn't working to list what is needed.

A few years ago, I noticed the Spirit would leave when I tried to shop for clothes online. I didn't really understand why, but I tried hardly ever because it was so painful. There were some things I needed, so I tried again about 2 months ago, but felt horrible. When I prayed about it, I learned that Satan waits for me there (don't know the reason??). This week, I thought I might be able to shop for the kids' clothes online (it would be so much easier and I found a great sale... ), but it also, for me, is the wrong thing to do.

Woo's wrestled with some new stresses... we learned we had to change home insurance a couple months ago, and after finally figuring that out, learned last week(?) that we had 5 days to make some repairs on our house. Woo was able to contact the new insurance company, get an extension and his dad is being very kind to help with that.

I don't do a regular surf update, but Woo is still improving and enjoying it a lot. This week he started to be able move his board up and down the wave (I am obviously not using correct terminology :).

Anyway, that's our week. Hope your week was great!