Limping into the Finish Line

We stayed home this week, skipped a few days at the beach, and scrapped rotations because I've had a bug that just won't go away and I needed rest. I took several naps, most without any intention of sleeping, just lying down, and when I woke up, I was always thrilled to see that everyone was still alive!

The spiritual message I keep getting is that we're limping down the last mile towards some sort of finish line right now. What's at that finish line I don't know. Maybe just the start of school.

The kids and I spent some time looking at our lives a year ago, two years ago, etc. Two years ago this week we fasted as a family for the kids education; something seemed to be missing. Also, the kids started doing all the housework, and I spent an entire day super excited, convinced this was all leading us up to moving somewhere overseas.

Woo had sworn he would never move again and had vowed to die and be buried in Huntsville, so it seemed like an impossibility, but I was convinced we would do it. Of course, I had somewhere in the UK in my sights, because I wasn't considering a language, but just a month or two later Woo started speaking about Portugal and soon we bought tickets. Here we are now, and learning a second language is definitely one of the most important parts of the kids' education here.

We did go out one afternoon to finish buying school clothes and backpacks. Ruby finally found the school clothes of her dreams... very studious button up shirts under sweaters, almost everything different shades of blue... she looks cute, and not even the hottest day will dissuade her from wearing them.

In the irony of the year...
Ruby:  Herbie. Stop being so literal!
The kids were super happy with their new clothes and spent a few quiet afternoons playing things like: "a rainy school day" (so they could wear their new rain jackets and pants) and "Christmas break" (so they could wear everything red... )

Herbie and Moses' prayer answers are increasingly concerned with family history. Herbie started indexing. He's been doing batches from Brazil, because he's only been able to find one from Portugal. Then he taught Moses; although, Moses does batches from the US.

These two love the beach the most because they spend almost the entire time we are there surfing. I felt okay letting these two go surfing alone with Woo while the rest of us stayed home, because they're taller, are better swimmers, and they have a surf board with them.

Penelope and Archie spent some time pouring over a store catalog together. After awhile they came down excited and chanting, "ZERO, ninty-nine, ZERO, ninty-nine!"

They quickly found me and pointed out the item on sale for 0.99€

"It's free! It's free! We found something for free!"

Woo attempted to explain the truth to them. When he was done, Archie turned to Penelope and nodded.

"It's still free, Nelps."

Here's some more of their reasoning:
Penelope: Arch, did you know Mom’s gonna have more kids? 
Archie: Yeah, in the millennium... in the Millennium Falcon!
Woo led a discussion on small and simple things, “... Another thing I thought of... Kids are small and simple and—“
Penelope (excitedly): They’re things!

Linus and Penelope have been getting along better. I think a lot of it is that we switched bedrooms recently. Now Linus, Penelope and Archie are all together on one level, and Linus has become a benevolent older brother, like he feels responsible for the actions and feelings of everyone on his floor. He also helped Archie write and memorize his talk for Primary today. I didn't have to do anything other than remind Archie and ask Linus if he could help.

The most exciting thing of the week?? Woo finally succeeded in opening a Portuguese bank account! He's been trying ever since we got here, and always getting rejected (because he's not Portuguese). But while in Leiria last week, he tried one more time with an international bank there, and this week everything went through. Now we get discounts on our car insurance, can pay tolls online, and a bunch of other labor and money saving things.

Most these pictures are from Saturday. We watched an open water swim competition and then the kids and Woo held their own races on the beach: long jump, crab walk, those sorts of things.

Alright, I think that's it! Hope your week was great!