In Which We Keep On Keeping On

Woo gave us back-to-school blessings last week, which means this week has been that period where it looks like the exact opposite of everyone's blessing is happening. For example, Woo blessed me that any feelings of failure I've had will go away.

I thought, "Failure? I don't ever feel failure... "

But this week, I suddenly did. I know they'll go away because of the blessing, but we're all in that testing period right now.

One thing I did for the first time is transcribe and print each of the kids' blessings for them to keep a copy in their scriptures. I've always recorded them (per Elder Maxwell's and Elder Oak's--and probably others'--instruction to keep a family record of blessings given), but never made them so accessible to the kids before (and no, it wasn't my idea, just one of my revelations one night... ). I know it's already helped Moses and Herbie during tough moments. Not sure about anyone else yet.

We went to SEF again. I could not get worked up about it. We had the documents we'd been told to bring last time. If we got residency... great, if not... also fine. I couldn't even be scared of being kicked out of the country. We've been here 14 months, enough to satisfy my sense of adventure (although I know we're not done here)... Anyway, we did not get residency and Woo's residency was not renewed.

Woo was super frustrated because he was the one in talking to an official, who had obviously already made his decision and marked us all for another appointment (Woo in 4 months, the rest of us 6), on arbitrary grounds.

I was actually having a pretty pleasant time with the kids in the waiting room. SEF was kind enough to have some big machinery operating right below the window and Ruby decided it would be a good time to draw a million tiny scales inside her outline of a dragon. So yes, the residency saga continues.

The kids are tired, getting back into school, and they can usually be excellent in the morning or the evening, but not both. Linus is the one having the hardest time in the evening. He threw a tantrum one night because he hadn't decorated his fish or done his math homework and it was time to go to bed.

In the morning he was fresh and ready. He cleaned his room, ate breakfast, did his chore, his math homework and made "the BEST!" fish in his "whole class."

When we moved here Moses and Linus were super excited to have a bathroom with a shower head so they could start taking showers, but this week they rediscovered baths. "They're SOOOO comfortable!"

Showers has been a hot topic with Moses and Herbie for PE class.
Me (watching Moses load up for school): Are you going to shower? 
Moses: No. 
Me: Then why are you carrying a gym bag with a towel? 
Moses: Because I want to. I like carrying a ton... it’s fun! 
Some other happenings:

Ruby used a toothpick to clean out the dish drying rack.

Herbie with another batch of guacamole

Archie discovered on his own how the US got its name, "because it has a lot of states in it!"

Linus filled the laundry soap perfectly to the 50 mL line (something, I guess, he's been trying to achieve since he started this chore)

Herbie arm wrestled Penelope and Linus

Penelope and Linus made faces at Archie in his class

Archie read books for his friends for the the first time in class

Woo made another delicious batch of salsa (pico de gallo for you purists)

Penelope changed her favorite color from pink to blue (but not one of us believes her)

Archie really thought this chair and mirror outside the garbage were perfect for us

Herbie made his goal of 65 indexing batches this month

We caught the tractor parade on the way home from church for the second year in a row

We found most of my initials outside SEF

And Woo took Ruby and Herbie (and the missionaries and an investigator) to a showing of the Face2Face with Elder Cook at our sister branch, where it started an hour late, and a lot of ping pong was played

I think that's our week. Hope yours was great!