Snoozefest Over Here

We did nothing of note this week, which is exactly what I was hoping for.

Woo (to me): Herbie's a good boy. You raised a good boy.

Me: Me? It's him.

Woo (calling to the next room): Herbie, what are you doing?

Herbie: Reading the Bible.

Herbie also read Treasure Island in Portuguese this week (actually an answer to one of his prayers), and really enjoyed it.

Ruby started Moby Dick and was excited about it, but fizzled out at some point and can't bring herself to read any more. She's reading in Portuguese, but it still sounds like every time I've ever attempted to read Moby Dick.

One day Ruby made peanut butter cookies completely unsupervised. This was a first for her. Penelope and Archie were eager helpers, but I know from experience that Linus was the best.

Linus loves to cook and help make treats. He does a good, careful job, and always sticks around until the end, even if given completely menial jobs. He's not just in it for the novelty; I think he genuinely enjoys working in the kitchen.

We still don't know exactly when school will start (but we do have a 5 day window!). Mose is preparing mentally for middle school with Ruby and Herbie. They're telling him exactly how everything works; he's taking their advice completely and making sure he will have ways to find them. It reminds me of when he started kindergarten and his back-to-school blessing said he would not be scared, knowing he had a big brother and big sister with him in the school.

Penelope finished The Book of Mormon in Portuguese for the first time this week. I'm not honestly sure that she didn't do some skipping around (and honestly, I've never been a stickler for reading The Book of Mormon from front to back), but I know she read the last few books and excitedly announced when she got to the last page.

Penelope and Archie dug this hole at the beach, which they proudly proclaimed was a baby trap.

Penelope: And now we’re just waiting for a baby to come!

Also this week Archie decided that wearing a speedo is not embarrassing, even if the other boys have not.

For our date night, Woo and I did something new--listen to an old time radio show. The one we listened to mostly made us cringe and roll our eyes, but there are probably good ones out there.

Woo (coming in from a surf with his beginner board): I don't want to brag, but I think I'm the best one out there on a foamie.

And he is. Other surfers sometimes comment. One guy was like: These waves are hard to catch, but you're doing it on that board.

Not that he doesn't have other boards, but a few months ago he decided he was in it to have fun, not to push for super rapid improvement. And I guess having fun usually means catching lots of waves on your comfortable foam board.

And that's it for us. Hope you had a good week.

Testimony Below:

I'm very excited for General Conference next month, because we can hear our prophet and the apostles.

I know that they speak the words of God and when we prepare ourselves to hear the word of God in General Conference, we will hear the word of God.

I also know that when we study the General Conference talks many times after the Conference, we receive more inspiration and revelations.

I know that Jesus Christ lives and this is His church.

In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


Eu estou muito animado para Conferencia Geral no próximo més, porque podemos ouvir nosso profeta e os apóstolos.

Eu sei que eles falam as palavras de Deus e quando preparamos a ouvir a palavra de Deus na Conferencia Geral, vamos ouvir a palavra de Deus.

Eu sei também que quando estudamos os discuros de Conferencia Geral muitos vezes depois a Conferencia, recebemos mais inspiração e revelações.

Eu sei que Jesus Cristo vive e esta é sua igreja. Em nome de Jesus Cristo, amém.