Week Without Woo

This will be short. Woo's been in Utah all week and I never sleep well while he's gone. Also, we only got a few hours of sleep last night after his late arrival.

With Woo gone, the kids and I decided to do a few things we wouldn't normally do. We watched way too many movies for one. Also we ate way too much junk food, but Woo did that too.

We also switched chores for the year (although, I'm starting to think a switch every six months would be better for us).

Ruby's washing dishes. Herbie's on meal prep. Moses is sweeping all the floors. Linus is doing laundry. Penelope's on bathrooms (made easier this year with the huge improvement in the boys' aiming), and Archie's in charge of keeping the stairs and the entry clean.

Another thing we did was clean up the oil from our (previously) leaking car in the basement. The neighbor (we think!) who's been complaining (and he has every right to, who wants a big oil slick in their community garage?) was down working in his section while we cleaned.

He looked uncomfortable. I don't think he was expecting the kids to come down and scrub the floor. He tried to give me a lamp for our apartment, which I did not accept. He made a few comments on the difficulty of cleaning up oil, then helped us with the lights (which automatically go off every few minutes).

The kids, on the other hand, had a ball. There was unfortunately a lot of arguing over the 3 scrub brushes I bought (should've gotten more), but we found dish soap to be reasonably effective and vinegar even more so. The kids got close to all the oil off the floor.

Another fun thing was taking the car to the carwash. My plan was to let each kid have 2 minutes to themselves, but the second Penelope took over the hose, it spun out of control, over her head and soaked Moses. After we stopped laughing, Herbie helped her, and Archie wisely decided to not take a turn.

Linus (talking about Woo's whereabouts): Is Sandy the capital of Salt Lake?  
Archie: No! New York is!!
Four kids had back-to-school lectures and meetings with teachers, and with Woo gone, I had to go. I hoped to get out of all of them, but in the end went to all. I did not understand everything, but I understood much more than last year... and I was surprised to see that I have friends at these things. I was happy to see the teachers; they seemed happy to see me; there were several people I could smile and wave at; and even a few I could chat with.

I don't recall this feeling in the US, but the schools here are much smaller (only 5 classes of about 20 kids each in the elementary school), and I think it might actually help me to feel closer to people when everyone gives each other little kisses and a hug as a regular greeting. Also, I'm probably different.

Woo's week was 60% work, 30% traveling, but he did squeeze in a dinner at his parents, a very quick trip home (Thanks for driving him, Becky! I was worried about his safety... ), an ooTunes update, and an ill-advised sacrifice of a night of sleep to hike Timp. He also wrote a talk. He definitely has stories, but he'll have to tell them.

I hope you all had a great week!