Crazy Kids Week

This week we were in the thick of the getting-back-to-school craziness and then we decided to do a bunch of things that would be tough with a bunch of kids, let alone crazy kids.


Attend a moving away party right before bedtime for a member moving to Angola, and expect the kids to stay seated or happy inside his living room sized courtyard.

Had a new member over for dinner in our apartment (also, right before bedtime, when the kids get their wildest).

Visited Óbidos, which is actually a pretty cute medieval town with an intact castle wall you can walk clear around. Unfortunately, there is no guardrail and I flatly refused to let the kids on it. (My fears were later vindicated by Penelope tripping and falling while crossing the street. Crazy kids=clumsy) Instead we walked down crowded streets with vendors where the kids wanted to touch and buy everything, or windy, maze-like streets where the kids wanted to run like the wind and get completely separated and lost.

Then lastly, we watched a session of conference we'd already watched, but in the church, in our church clothes, in a foreign language and Steven unavailable because he needed to help everyone with their technical difficulties. Actually, the kids were awesome at the one. I was the one who almost lost it.

This is the week I've remembered what it's like to be frustrated. Oh, how quickly I forget.

Anyway, here's the good news of the week:

I cut the boys hair! (And Penelope cut her own.)

Linus learned how to make melted cheese by himself and made it for him, Penelope and Archie several times this week for lunch.

Ruby is out of the crazy start-of-school phase. She was the calm and collected one for most of the week (so nice to have one, finally!)

Moses prayed about his two afternoons at home, and he got the answer that he should make a playing schedule with Archie. So far it's mostly dress up and play Star Wars or Avatar, but also a little soccer at the park.

Archie and I have two afternoons just us, and he wanted to do his favorite rotations for part of it, and park or library the other part.

Mom and Dad are coming to visit!

Penelope swept the patio at the moving away party.

The kids enthusiastically made their own Conference Bingo games that they played happily and kept everyone, but Archie quiet for 95% of the time.

Woo had his own frustrating week, spending a lot of time at the church trying to fix the computer for the Sisters to watch conference. He gave up everything he wanted to do (surfing, getting a break, etc.) for two days, either hanging out with us at Óbidos or doing that for the Sisters... who he also had to run off to help 30 seconds before the first Saturday session started and leave us to fend for our own with the projector (which we--Herbie mostly--had no trouble).

Anyway, I'm excited for the 2 sessions of Conference I still get to watch (still haven't watched the Women's Session because it was the middle of the night for us. Although, Woo's watching it right now... ) I hope you all had a great week!